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Does anyone know if the armed tug my Grandad was on in Jan 1919 in Alexandria (Slieve Foy) have come back to England under her own steam or been towed by a larger ship?
thanks for that. Have read that naval review - trying to find on Hannibal's log mention of Slieve Foy leaving harbour. Grandad was listed under Hannibal until 17th Jan 1919 and then he was under Pactolus in Grimsby from then but his letters in 1918 come from Slieve Foy c/o Hannibal.


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Was Hannibal perhaps a depot ship (possibly a base ashore) where the tug's people were borne for pay? The tug would hardly have kept her own pay ledgers. Bods may well have been swapped from tug to tug as necessary.

Must have been a ball serving in a tug in the Red Sea - the name Slieve Foy suggests she was never intended for tropical waters. Shovelling coal in the stokehold must have been a real treat.
Yes Hannibal was a base ship. But at the beginning of his service he was listed as Egmont II (Mainstay) but none of his letters came from Mainstay only from Slieve Foy but as you say he could have been swapped from tug to tug.

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