Armed Service personnel in uniform to be protected

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by thingy, May 19, 2008.

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  1. about bloody time :rambo:
  2. Maybe they need to be protected .

    I wonder if they'll qualify for inclusion to the WWF and its
    list of endangered species !! Maybe get Greenpeace in on it
    aswell -----they do Ok might even get them to do a bit of a Rainbow
    Warrior thing in the sandy places . :bball: :bball: :bball:

    :nemo: :nemo:
  3. Another damn silly law to add to the pile.
  4. I take it that translations into Arabic, Pashtu and Farsi will be made available in Iraq and Afghanistan

    as well as in England. :thumright:
  5. Not to put to fine a point on it, bollox.

    Much of the content of Quentins compendium of cunning ideas is superficial, populist crap.

    The cadet forces idea is good, but needs funding.

    The main thing they could do is increase funding, commensurate with current and projected commitments.
  6. Sorry to state the obvious, but isn't this law in danger of having a completely counter-productive effect by making military personnel look like they "need" protecting? Won't that make people discriminate against them more?
  7. It don't matter whether they are in uniform or not, people in the forces are a target for the disgruntled civvies who see them as unlawful killers invading foreign countries to boost the governments standing with the US, and because of this they take it out on us! :rambo:
  8. I see your point. As if beating up a man in uniform is going to make the military go away - do these people think that warfare is a modern invention or something? Are they completely daft?
  9. Not being a reactionary in any way .... (ahem !!) but how about letting these guys go ashore with sidearms :?:

    Might make a few of the lesser intelligent amongst us think twice about insulting the uniform!!

    Only joking guys - but it is an interesting idea, none the less .... ... (discreet cough )


    'Cos to be honest, a governmental law (how many more are they going to push out ?????) is hardly to be taken notice of, in the same manner as ASBOs !
  10. If you're black, gay and in uniform you'll be well in..................

    Does it specify which uniform?
  11. To my mind, anti-discrimination laws often cause more friction and alienation by emphasising the differences between people rather than the similarities. That's not what we should be aiming for unless we want our Armed Forces to be feared as a sinister part of the Government's apparatchik, like in totalitarian police states. One of our strengths is that we are part of the community, not outside it.

    I hope this doesn't go through but, if it does, it must be enforced sensibly. Tesco apart, I wonder how it will go down with the owners and managers of clubs and pubs who see a bunch of Jolly Jack or Percy Pongo in uniform approaching their premises late at night, obviously the worse for wear and looking for a bit of 'action'. Don't tell me it never happens. These people should have the right to refuse entry to any unruly group whether they wear uniform or not.

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