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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. So the newspapers are up in arms that some villain has been shot dead while in the process of carrying out an armed robbery. What amazes me is that they seem to be more angry about the guy that shot him than the criminal.
    Admittedly mistakes were made in the Brazilian case last year. however it was not the officer who pulled the trigger at fault it was his superior officer who authorized the action.
    Lets face it the copper is doing a difficult job & I will back him 100%. I would have been annoyed with him if he'd only wounded the guy after all we are all taught to shoot to kill, not shoot to wound.
    This criminal seems to have got his just deserts, one more scum bag less to deal with. No doubt we will now get his relatives telling the press that "He was just a lovable rogue really"
  2. One less to burgle anyones property as far as I am concerned.
  3. Occupational hazard - unlucky! :lol:
  4. He was shot by the same bloke that did the Brazilian!At least hes consistent!
  5. And a good shot!
  6. ... and now short of bullets.

  7. I will send him some more he seems to put them to good use

  8. Seriously though, you gotta give the guy credit for getting back in the saddle after so much crap over the last time.

  9. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    AHHHH! come on guys, the poor guy who got killed was only going to the Halifax to get some money out for his little childrens' Christmas presents............ the shotguns were merely for personal protection!!!!!

    We should be giving these coppers medals, they are doing the dirty work your average oh so liberal Joe Public doesn't want to do, the nasty bit like throwing yourself in front of a scumbag with a shotgun, who the fu*k are we to second guess these guys. The press's obsession for inciting public opinion on poorly researched and unfounded insinuation is really beginning to pi*s me off.
  10. Police tactics isn't it. They know they're going to rob the bank but they don't arrest them before the fact of suspicion or conspiracy to rob. They don't arrest them during the act of attempted robbery. They wait until after the act to nick them for robbery which carries a greater sentence.

    Which is all well and good until it all goes tits. This one nearly did, imagine the outcry if an innocent bystander had been shot.

    Oh well, one more prison space left to fill anyway.
  11. It seems a good, efficient way of solving the prison overcrowding problem.
  12. Shakey

    Once again you have got it wrong with your anti police obsession. The top line punisment for Robbery, Conspiricy to commit robbery, or attempted robberty is Life Imprisonment, not that any one ever gets that.

    The reason the Police wait until they commit the robbery is that experience over the past 20 years has shown that bleeding heart juryies and people who are anto pilice and have an axe to grind will always find a reason to return a not guilty verdict unless it is obvious they were caught on video in the act.

    When juries start to convict on the evidence of a conspricy then Police will start to act earlier.

    No Shakey I know nother about it having attended the scene of an armed robbery on average at least once a week over the past 15 years in LBO's run by my previous employer.

  13. Yep, police should be given greater protection legally and with their equipment, more credit too. If you want protection and results support 'em 100%

  14. I disagree.

    There is nothing more dangerous than a copper with a gun.

    How many times have you read about coppers turning up and shooting the wrong bloke?

    And, until a couple of years ago they were still using dum-dums.

    outlawed by the geneiva convention no less.
  15. Fug_pants
    You are way off with this remark.
    The Police have very good training to try and eliminate wasting the wrong Baddie.
    However, sometimes things do go wrong but then the press do not report all the hold-ups or gun crimes brought to a successful conclusion. These guys do a Shi**y job but a worthwhile one. Put yourself in their place and tell me you would always do the right thing I don't think so.
  16. Fug_pants wrote:

    I disagree.

    There is nothing more dangerous than a copper with a gun.

    How many times have you read about coppers turning up and shooting the wrong bloke?

    And, until a couple of years ago they were still using dum-dums.

    outlawed by the geneiva convention no less.

    How many time do we hear about coppers turning up and shooting the right bloke? The press always sensationalise the bad news; that is their nature and by default they make the police look bad. If they're not Forces Bashing, then they're on the Police.

    The reality is that most of us believe the Police have an increasingly difficult job to do with increased responsibilities, increased regulation and less manpower to achieve it all with [sound familiar?]. In my humble opinion they do a cracking job and I support them. Yes there are mistakes but these are the exception to the rule.

    Oh yes - in answer to what's more dangerous than a Policeman with a Gun? Three things I can think of: 3rd (from top) - A matlot with a gun, 2nd - a matlot with a loaded gun, 1st a Wren with a loaded gun.

    I know I'm gonna cop it for that remark.

  17. Not going to cop it from me Silver Fox I agree with this. When I was OOD Once I had a negligent discharge (Lucky nobody hurt) Jack doing his quick draw Mcgraw impressions. and the second time I had somebody lose a full magazine.
  18. You know Fug-Pants, there's more goes on in the world than what gets reported in the Daily Mail. And I wish the plod did still use dum-dums. Not because the Plod are gun-toting maniacs, because they're safer. Think about it.
  19. The bloke who shot him had been suspended for a year after killing the Brazillian. Once again he is suspended again. That was the first fatality caused this year, whic shows 2 things 1) The guys got balls, 2) The police seem to be getting it right. Its not an easy job to do.

    Imagine the uproar that will be caused when a ships QM or upperdeck sentry kills someone, whether innocent or guilty. The ROE are clear, but I wouldnt like to be the first person to do it. They will get hung out to dry. These days it is becoming more likely as the RN works in more hostile waters all the time. How safe is a pussers grey in a allied Arab state?
  20. Unlike Stockwell, which was a truly spectacular piece of self-buggery by all concerned, this does seem to be a "clean kill".
    The departed was a career perp. who opened fire on Armed Police after being challenged. They returned fire.
    Suicide by cop. 'Nuff said.

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