Armed forces to live in poor housing "for 20 years"

The report in today's Guardian (23 March 2007, p19) is much more damning!,,2040931,00.html

I thought this [edited] paragraph summed up attitudes pretty well...

And in the West Country, while repairs to roofs were postponed... a new polo pitch was laid out at Buckley at a cost of £4,000.
It beggars belief... or rather it doesn't!!! :mad:

Here is a link to the NAO's Press Notice and the Report itself.

The only thing I might say however is that the NAO Report specifically attacks spending on sports facilities over accomodation. I thought sports facilities were funded under social spending, or something like that, and that the monies on these facilities was ringfenced for that sole purpose? Am I wrong? If I am not wrong, then why should social facilities suffer because of MOD parsimony?

I stand to be corrected.
sports facilities come out of money from the RN sports lottery so nothing to do with the housing budget. Not sure about other forces though.