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Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by ArmedFReunions, Mar 10, 2012.

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    Hello all,

    We've opened a new website that will help everyone stay in touch from all three services and our main aim is to organise reunions for you.

    Sign up, have a look around and most importantly forward the link to all of your old Shipmates and anyone else you know from our other Armed Forces.


    The ArmedForcesReunions Team (Currently all Ex Navy)
  2. This looks like yet another commercial (run for profit) organisation after free advertising.
    Why pay for somene else to organise reunions when the ones that I have attended have been run by members themselves extremely well.
    Try advertisng to the crabs as they couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery.
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  3. Thanks SJRM_RN. SLIM, aren't we all out to make money in some way shape and form in the current world climate?? My wife and I have invested in this website and getting legalised with a TM, with not a penny back as yet. We aren't out to rip money out of forces personnel that would insult ourselves.
    We only thought this would be a good idea for all three services to be on one restricted access website (you can't sign up without a service number) to enable everyone to plan a reunion and contact all those that want to participate. I'm sure those that have organised reunions in the past would agree it is stressful, we only want to make things easier for all.

    Try it who knows you might like it!! I'm sure you've said that once before, probably the first time you came across a cheesy hammy eggy.
    AFR Team
  4. Yes we all want to make money, however to use your first post on the site for the purpose of free advertising is completely wrong. The COs have both invested in this site and are paid both donations and advertising revenue, in this case you are taking advantage of the site owners.
    RN reunions are usually organised by willing voluteers who enjoy the hard work and normally find it extremely rewarding.
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  5. We are under no illusions that there will be ways of improving the website, and maybe our events, we look forward to receiving your opinions and suggestions. Our success relies on you to pass the message around.

    FYI, Currently we don't have advertisements running on the site nor do we have sponsorship. This venture is funded by two ex military personnel with input from friends from all three services. The service is restricted to personnel with service numbers only so spam shouldn't be a problem.

    There have been some messages to say that we should have contacted the site owner before posting this for permission for advertising. We hadn't seen it as advertising but now we can and apologise to the site owners. We believed this to be more of a good talking point and also to receive feedback on the idea which so far has been mixed.

    If you believe this post to be advertising and think that it shouldn't be posted on here then please mark the post so the site admins can remove it.

    Armed Forces Reunions Team
  6. Just out of interest, how will you know if the official numbers are genuine?
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Where does it say how much it is to be a member?

    I went to read the terms of service but it apparantly won't let me do that till I sign in.

    Would you not be better giving a short period of free membership so that people can have a look. I'm reluctant to give my details until I see what I'm getting into
  8. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I want to track down a mucker of mine from Germany. ****** owes me 50 quid.
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  9. We are normally advised not to reveal our ID numbers, so that's me out.
  10. Its completely free to join and very simple to delete the account if you dont like the site. The Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy are in the process of being created and once published will be emailed to all members to agree to or they will be removed by the site administrators.
  11. WreckerL. With all respect, whilst we'd love to discuss all aspects of the site, we'd prefer to stick to the content and not how its formed.
  12. With all respect, I'd still like to know how you'd know the numbers are genuine. Unless you have a mahoosive database with all service details of everyone who has served it seems to me anyone can join and get info on gatherings of ex-service personnel.
  13. So two service members (husband & wife) decide to jump on tinternet bandwaggon and make a few quid out of organising reunions.
    You will not get any advertising revenue until your site starts getting plenty of hits.
    5 Posts on the site and none of them on any other toic than this one.

    Have you been on Dragons den yet?
    I reckon that like the dragons most if not all ex matelots will declare themselves out.
  14. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    If you lot find anyone looking for CSA payments from me there'll be trouble.
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  15. As an example of the powerfulness of an ID number, a shipmate was lifted for being pi55ed at the US airbase in Catania (well if the sceptics want Jack to celebrate Independence day what do they expect?) and was asked for his ID card. They punched his number into their gizzmo and up came his detail. My messmate said that he sobered up v quickly when that happened.

    So when pusser wanted my ID number during an anonymous survey for allowing gays into the Navy they got short thrift from me.
  16. How many service reunions have the pair of you organised and who were they for?
  17. I have organised a ships reunion, the navy news will give you a free advert, it is easy and quiet a rewarding thing to do.
  18. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Horses for courses chaps. You don't have to join the site. I find it interesting about entering service numbers though. That's put paid to any Bootie/Airborne/SAS/SBS reunions then. I know around 2 million people who served in one of the aforementioned, yet ask some of these steely eyed Para/SAS chaps their first four, they look at you blankly.

    I might start a site called Walts Reunited.
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  19. Blackers
    may I sugest that you combine your walts reunion site with the following:

    Rohypnol users
    Celler afficianados

    best wishes for your new venture:nike:
  20. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Cheers mucker. Nothing ventured and all that.

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