Armed Forces Pay Review Body Report 2013 Published


• A one per cent increase in base pay;

• A 0.5 percentage point increase in X-Factor from 14.0 to 14.5 per cent;

• A one per cent increase in Specialist Pay, Compensatory Allowances andReserves’ Bounties;

• Targeted pay measures:

–– Merging the existing Chaplains CF1 and Principal Chaplain pay scales tocreate a new Chaplains CF1 scale;

–– A new Financial Retention Incentive for Weapon Engineering SubmarinesStrategic Weapons System personnel;

–– A new Commitment Bonus for Direct Entrant Territorial Army JuniorOfficers and ex-Regulars in the early years of their Reserve service.

• A 3.7 per cent increase to grade 1 for charge Service Family Accommodationand Single Living Accommodation rental charges in line with the rental component of RPI; and increases of 2.5 per cent to grade 2, 1.2 per cent to
grade 3 and zero to grade 4;

• A Daily Food Charge of £4.43 (a decrease of 3 pence, or 0.7 per cent).


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Thanks Soleil do you know when the next defence budget is due? As far as I am aware in 2012 the defence budget was 39 billion, not sure how much of that went to the Royal Navy though. Is that specific information even available anywhere?


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A lot less than will be spent on keeping wasters in cider, fags, crisps and big FO televisions.

The planned / proposed budget for 2013-14 is here but George may have other ideas.

Is your 'Google' machine not working?

SoS Defence 14th March 2013:

"The AFPRB’s recommendations are to be accepted in full, except for the recommendation to increase X-Factor, which would result in costs for which the Department has not currently budgeted. This recommendation is therefore under consideration as part of a wider review of Departmental expenditure and I will inform the House of the result in due course. All other recommendations will become effective from 1 April 2013, except where the AFPRB report indicates otherwise."

In today's Budget Speech:

"The military will receive their full recommended increase in the "X-Factor" payment in May and will be exempted from changes to progression pay."
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That's good news although you have to ask if the left and right hands are talking, got to love politicians, they have the minds of children reacting to the voices that shout the loudest.
Thanks for the update Sol - as for left and right hand they probably did it on purpose so there could be something good in the budget.

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