Armed Forces Pay Review Body 43rd Report - 2014

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by soleil, Mar 17, 2014.

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  1. Recommendations

    A one per cent increase in base pay;

    Targeted pay measures:

    – A one per cent increase in all levels of Longer Separation Allowance with the addition of two extra levels at the top end of the scale;

    – A one per cent increase in all levels of Unpleasant Living Allowance;

    – A one per cent increase in Recruitment and Retention Pay (RRP) (unless specified otherwise), compensatory allowances and Reserves’ Bounties;

    – RRP (Nursing) to be retained for suitably qualified Specialist Nurses, but changed to Non-Continuous Basis for those at OF4 and above RRP (Nursing) for Registered Nurse (Adult) level 2 be held for 2014 and phased out by 2016;

    – RRP (Parachute Jump Instructor) levels and supplement to be maintained and rates held at their 2013-14 levels The basis of payment for those at OF4 and above to be changed to a Non-Continuous Basis;

    – RRP rates to be held at their 2013-14 levels for those receiving RRP (Mountain Leader) and RRP (Aeromedical and Escort Duty);

    – RRP (Diving) rates be uplifted by one per cent; the Clearance Diver Pay Spine be uplifted by one per cent; and the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Supplement for Royal Navy Clearance Divers be increased to align it with RRP (Explosive Ordnance Disposal Operator) and that the increase is also reflected in that element of the Clearance Diver Pay Spine;

    – A new Financial Retention Incentive for personnel serving in the Weapon Engineering Submarines Strategic Weapons System (at OR 6-8 and Tactical Weapons System (at OR 6-7) specialities (with effect from 1 October 2013);

    An increase of 2 2 per cent to all grades of Service Family Accommodation rental charges in line with the rental component of RPI;

    Increases of 2 2 per cent to grade 1, 1 5 per cent to grade 2, 0 7 per cent to grade 3 and zero to grade 4 for Single Living Accommodation rental charges;

    A Daily Food Charge of £4.72 (an increase of 29 pence, or 6.5 per cent).
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  2. And this is one of the reasons the service is haemorrhaging its best and brightest. But a £50k FRI for SRs will fix it.........
    How about try and pay people accordingly in the first place?
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  3. Bollocks the sensible ones will stay, are you going??
  4. the WE Submariner FRI does not include CISSMs. Yet they are WE's !!!
  5. Why would anybody deemed to be sensible stay doing this?
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  6. Bollocks, they can shove the FRI. I'm off once my 3 years RoS is over.
  7. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Nobody would miss you Digger, you didn't even make the wets for the tech office!
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  8. You wouldn't want one of my wets. Not even I drink them!
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  9. So are you going to take the big jump??? trust me there's fcuk all out here, and the pension after 22 plus your salary will make you the envy of all the civvie bastards who will get nothing like yours even at 66 or 67. And Civvies make shit mates.
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  10. Not any more. They've hammered the pension and it aint worth much if you've got a while til your 22 is done. Lots of companies are going to have to pay ex forces properly cos they won't have the pension to make up for crap wages.

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  11. I never mention my pension to the young grads in the office :) well only if they ask

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  12. Errr... that'll be BAE then. W*nkers offered me a salary EXACTLY equal to my last RN salary MINUS my pension - now I'm guessing that's not coincidental??? Naturally, told 'em to do one and went Offshore :)
  13. Got to laugh really I used to drip like fcuk about salary, time away etc, but by christ in the real world there's no such thing as LSAP, Get You Home Pay, please tell me if there's a civvvie employer out there who will pay your fuel costs to and from work 35 days paid holiday, half day Fridays and throw in a Make a Mend. Plus pay you for working 7 days a week when most do just over 4!!! Deployments were bastards as well wern't they eh!!!!:hello1:
  14. The company I work for pay a decent wage, unlike the Bae's of the world. I left on the same pay I was on in the mob with my pensh on top. However I now pay a fortune in fuel to get to work with no allowance, have to pay for socks, shirts, ties, trousers , shoes, gym membership (yeah right) and meet the Spanish Inquisition every time I have to go to Brize!

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  15. Right, I'm off! Clocked my hours for the day, just going to meet a few Civvie shit mates for a beer - A beer - singular - non-handling half-wits :)
    Long gone are the days of a couple of pints at lunch, then phoning the lads on the boat to cover for you while you went and hung one on in town! ("err.. think he's at the Pressure Gauge Test Shop, Sir"). Never mind, eh?
  16. Don't forget free health care, no tripping over drug and alcohol addicts in A&E,(after a 6 hour wait) free dentistry and most of the staff speak the same language as you!!
  17. Well, everyone gets free healthcare. It's called the NHS. The military don't have wonderful A&E units that just deal with us. If you need A&E you go to the same A&E as everyone else, including drunks and druggies. If you need hospital treatment you are in with everyone else in the NHS. The dentistry is good but if that's the main reason to stay in the mob then they've totally lost the plot.

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  18. Never been to Faslane then?

    Or Guzz for that matter.
  19. I had a scare a few years ago while I was still serving, pissing blood taking a shower after my usual lunchtime 6k.
    Saw the Cdr Doc 10 minutes after going to the sickbay, into Derriford 3 days later for a full scan camera down me pecker the full monty. Been waiting for an appointment at Truro for 10 weeks. Got a filling at the dentist no NHS vacancies the guys on social all got those. £160 lighter.
    Come outside its wonderful just like Willie Wonkas fcuking chocolate factory. I had to go to a meeting in London last week 500 mile round trip but had to pay my own fuel costs. You don't know the half of it especially the guys like me who joined straight from school. Did 35 years fab pension work 2 - 3 days a week paid 10,000k a year more than my boss but he doesn't know I have a pension nor will I tell him, he just wonders why I only work part time!!However, if it does piss you off that much go - it really used to piss me off when lads who wanted out bad mouthed all day and infected the younger guys with the constant dribbling about everything, for those types it should be a months notice, £5k fee for the waste of pussers time and training and no option to return if and when it all goes pear shaped, still your civvie mates will bail you out for a few free wets at the weekend NOT!!
    Its the truth I tell ya
  20. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Ah, but Stan, it's your truth. Everyone will have different experiences of coming out, some more successful than others. I am finding out to my cost that the shortage of engineers does not mean that you can walk straight into a well paid job, but I will keep trying and I'm sure one will come along eventually. In the meantime I'll do overtime or whatever to make up the difference.
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