Armed Forces Pay Inequality

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, May 21, 2010.

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  1. Email that I sent to my MP and his response:

    Dear Mr ,

    During the televised leaders debates Mr Clegg brought up the fact that a soldier who has just passed out from training receives annual pay of about 6K less than his/her counterpart in the police and fire service. I see in the recently published document ‘Policy by policy the coalition governments plans’ there is no mention of this matter even though Mr Clegg spoke strongly about this disparity, I cannot recall his exact words they were to the effect that it is a national disgrace.

    Could you please tell me if there is any government plans to deal with this issue? I also see it as an absolute disgrace when our Armed Forces are engaged in war fighting in Afghanistan and I have little doubt that the rest of the country would agree with me.

    Respectfully yours,


    Thanks for your email. The coalition agreement is at

    I enclose the coalition agreement on defence below. This includes the commitment to “double the operational allowance for Armed Forces personnel serving in Afghanistan, and include Armed Forces pay in our plans for a fair pay review.â€

    Obviously the Liberal Democrat idea of not fully replacing Trident would have left greater room for manoeuvre in the defence budget. But as you are probably aware and as is explained below, the Lib Dems have the ability in the agreement to continue to argue for more cost effective alternatives to Trident. I think there is a big danger that the defence budget will become too dominated by Trident when we need to mostly fight conventional wars and support our armed forces in their pay and conditions.

    Nevertheless I am committed to continue to campaign for better pay, especially for privates and able seamen. When researching this I found that there are jobs stacking shelves in supermarkets that pay more than privates and able seamen get paid and I can’t believe that is right. And if coalition does not act on this, Nick Clegg and David Cameron can be assured that I will there pushing for a better deal for our armed forces.

    The Liberal Democrats and I believe the coalition Government is committed to restoring the “military covenant†and paying our armed forces who put their lives on the line better and I will continue to campaign for the Government to do that. I will also campaign for better conditions and accomodation for our armed forces.

    I hope this helps.

    Best wishes

    Finknottle: I would have hoped that during the horse trading between the Lib Dems and Tories the Lib Dem negotiators would have given no ground regarding this issue, sadly this was not the case.
  2. Finky, you truly are mad.
  3. So in other words, Bang goes the 6k rise to be in line with a starting police constable :roll:
  4. This matter was addressed by the AFPRB in their latest report.
  5. Ill have a look, cheers joe !
  7. Ahh thanks a bunch soleil, saves me hunting for it :D
  8. How do you come to that conclusion?
  9. I see nothing there to rectify this shocking disparity.
  10. In other words, even taking into account the extra hours worked, youngsters still get paid more than the minimum wage. This counters one argument.

    Pay, across the board, is comparable with similar jobs in Civvy Street. Don't forget, the X-factor is then applied, so that we are actually paid 113% of what a civvy in a comparable job would get.

    Here endeth the third reading. Thanks be to the Board.
  11. There is no comparable job in civvy street to being on the front line in Afghanistan and certainly not a police officer or fireperson and they are paid more than the minimum wage well fekin woopee.
  12. I refer you to sections 2.46, 2.47, and 2.48 of the 39th report of the Armed Forces' Pay Review Body, published in March 2010.

    You will note:
    1. It was published before the General Election was annouunced.
    2. It specifically addresses the perceived disparity of starting pay for Police and HM Forces.

    You were therefore, in your own words, wrong (in some respects).

    I look forward to your next Curate's egg post.
  13. I have no idea what you are on about, what happened in respect of this issue prior to the new government coalition being formed is of no relevance.
  15. I pointed out earlier that the AFPRB had addressed the issue of disparity between the starting pay of recruits to the Police and HM Forces. In what way do you think that the already clearly stated opinions of the AFPRB in relation to this matter are going to be changed by the empty words of a politician seeking election? In what way do you think the opinions of the AFPRB are irrelevant? Have you read the sections of the AFPRB report that I highlighted and posted, and if so, which parts of these do you either not understand, or disagree with?
  16. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I wasn't aware that anyone ever joined up to get rich. Pay never entered my mind when I joined up.
  17. 1. We are not pressed men.

    2. We know what may be expected of us when we walk into that careers office.

    3. We are aware of the pay rates when we sign our life away.

    End of.
  18. It might be the end of as far as you are concerned and it amazes me that you see it as acceptable that a copper or fireperson upon leaving training should be paid around 6K more per annum than the equivalent Royal Marine, AB, Private or JAC, do you serving members undervalue yourselves that much?

    As the MP stated you can get more stacking shelves at a supermarket

    Heaven forbid that the Tory lovvies here would criticise the new coalition.
  19. It's not a question of getting rich it's about what is just.
  20. Joe_Crow, no need to keep cutting and pasting as believe it or not I can read, and the pay review board can recommend what they like but it is not written in stone.

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