Armed Forces on Olympics standby.

From the BBC.

The UK's armed forces are on standby to provide an additional 3,500 troops to help with security at the 2012 London Olympics, the BBC has learned.
It comes amid fears that private contractor G4S would not be able to provide enough trained staff in time.
The armed forces were already providing some 13,500 personnel - this could now reach 17,000, meaning summer leave for some troops will likely be cancelled.
G4S said it had "some issues in relation to workforce supply".
G4S is being paid £300m to guard the Games, but the BBC understands it has not been able to guarantee it can supply the 10,000 guards it has been contracted to deliver.

Well, no-one is going to run a security operation fpr a few weeks for £300Million. FFS, who hands out these contracts.
A really good "we'll ram the bat up your arse" for all those who who will loose their summer leave and, redundancy notices in hand will stand by some G4 security staff on triple their wages. What a bloody fiasco!
Typical private sector security bidding knowing they didn't have the trained resources to hand.

Still, you can always count of good ole Jack, Percy and the Brilcream Brigade to bale em out.
Allegedly G4S are already treating the military VSF like sh1t. Not allowing them in living / recreation areas. Heard that there are squaddies bivvying up and eating rat packs in some venues.
I have been retired for 11 days now. Glad to be freed from being treated as a free good, bailing out the incompetent private sector. We really are value for money! However, time to learn from the Crabs - the word "No" is part of the vocabulary.
All this rain is designed to keep the opening ceremony "green Britain" display nice 'n' fresh and save on the artificial rain they've spent a fortune arranging.
According to the TV news this morning, troops are going to be accommodated in school halls, aircraft hangars etc.

I wonder where where the G4S personnel were going to stay? (Unless they were being recruited locally).
People seem transfixed with the Olympics but the Paralympics don't finish until 9 Sep and I assume the same security arrangements will apply for them. That's a long time to wait for summer leave but at least the weather might have improved by then.

[h=6]Dear Serving Soldier,
I appreciate that you may be a bit busy at the moment, but just before I give you the sack would you mind awfully helping out at a small sporting event we are holding in London this month. You see I have just spent £475,000,000 on a private firm to do the security but they trousered the money and cannot commit. I have managed to wangle an old warehouse for your accommodation & some rat packs for food, but you should be used to that by now.(Gotta keep the cost down L.O.L). Many thanks David Cameron. P.S. Your my favourites


What's the snag or uproar? It's a national event and what we do. People will get their leave back. If you wanted to be treated better you should have tried harder at school.

We need to stop dripping and get on with stuff, we're a disposable asset for the use of whatever, accept it.

We're so ******* precious sometimes and it makes us look like self aggrandising whiny children.

Not only that, most of the Olympic duties are being carried out by hardly overworked reservists.

Man up.


Lantern Swinger
Fortunately the RN had the foresight to park a floating dormitory in the vicinity so hopefully the RN/RM/RNR/RMR lot going won't have to suffer too unduly.

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