Armed Forces Memorial

Visiting the Memorial brought home to me that day in Hong Kong 9 September 1953 when I was lying injured in RNH, situated in a magnificent position high on The Peak , when the crew of ML P1323 dead and alive were brought in.
An act of infamy ,when a communist Chinese LST fired on ML 1323, going about its lawful duties patrolling HK's Territorial waters ,killed the Officer in charge , the cox,n, 4 further members of the crew and a passenger a Capt in HKDF.
I know of Lt X Merriman
PO R Keyte The Coxswain
but am not aware of the name of the Leading Seaman who brought the badly damaged vessel to safety.
Does any of the RR's Old and Bold know this chaps name?


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Hmm, I'm beginning to wonder what this thread was about - too many Lt Cdrs named on Armed Forces memorials perhaps?! 8O :wink:

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