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There will be an hour long documentary starting at 1750 on Sunday 4th November on BBC1.

The programme will cover the history of the new Memorial and will contain interviews with people affected by losing loved ones or comrades.

For the Submariners among you there will be some reference to the Submarine Sidon accident on 16th June 1955 when 13 men lost there lives, it includes a couple of interviews.

For those wanting to know a bit more about the accident go here


Further reference to the National Memorial is here



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Could those that saw the programme pass comment on it, I thought that it was well produced and presented, I intend contacting Reef TV who made it with a BZ, but just wondered if anyone else had any comments. We are quick enough to moan about TV and Press when we don't think they get it right so I thought it only right to praise where due
Janner, I watched it and like you I thought it was a well put together programme. It should be made compulsory viewing for those in Westminster!

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