Armed Forces Memorial unveiling: Important ticket news

As the date approaches for the official unveiling and dedication of the new national Armed Forces Memorial, which takes place at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire on Friday 12 October 2007, an important announcement has been made about ticket allocation. 3,000 tickets have been reserved for families and friends of those killed on duty since 1948, and will be allocated proportionally across the six decades. To find out more click here.
A reunion for

Sunday 9th September 2007
Baker Troop 45 Commando Royal Marines (1955-57)

Would that not be Bravo or was it Baker in them there days??? I know our friends used to call it Baker until NATO was formed.

It looks a fine memorial for those that have fallen. Have to pay it a visit sometime.


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BBC1 will be showing an hour long documentary "In loving memory" on the 4th of November 2007. This will show the Memorial and some short clips/interviews with people affected by events or the loss of loved ones, whilst serving in the Armed Forces.

Of interest to the Submariners in particular will be a interview with a Sidon survivour and Gill Dash whose Father Surg Lt. Rhodes died trying to rescue people from the Sidon. He was awarded the Albert Medal for his actions, a medal which Gill still possess

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