Armed forces help to buy


I’ve looked online at stipulations of applying for AFHTB and they differ from the army/RAF to the RN, for some reason. It states that in the RN you ‘Must be accepted into trained strength, I.e in a complement billet. Does this mean I have to of completed phase 2 training? I find myself finishing my 7.5 month phase 2 training in 2 months time, I am an ex pongo of 7 years with no break in service, does anybody know if I can apply for it now as I’ve seen a property I’m eager to put an offer in for but no bank mortgage application can take place without the specific pin you’re allocated upon acceptance of AFHTB. I might be pissing In the wind but was hoping I would be able to apply now, it’s also worth noting the discharge as of right period I was given upon transferring has lapsed also, so I ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.