Armed forces 'get free education'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by oberon, Jul 13, 2008.

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  1. Looks like.. Wonder if they'll add the Reserves into that too?
  2. Well done this government.
  3. Reservists will get it when they tot up six years in uniform, so for those deploying for 3 or more 6 month deployments over their service "career" plus 30 days for every other year they are in, it will probably take them around 56 years. Those who do 30 days per year in uniform it will take around 73 years...I have been fair here I think, as bounty commitment requires 24 days per year, but i rounded it to 30 days for those reservists who are keen and attend week end training such as its a knock out. only fair!
  4. Bloody GOOD NEWS, I only hope that Jack will take up the deal.

    Well done for a change
  5. Preferably over a barbecue pit flam bayed in crude oil :w00t:
  6. This is a tricky one.

    Admittedly it's about sacrifice and exposure to danger; whilst cumulatively the reserves can't match the regulars for that by any stretch, numerous reservists have died (and some have been seriously injured) in the conflicts we are presently engaged in, so I think there should be some provision. Certainly in the case of seriously injured reservists; many of them really do need to retrain, and for some further education is an absolute necessity to do this. At the moment this sort of thing often gets left to the service charities, which is less than ideal (good job though they do).
  7. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Told my daughter about this, said she and her old man will be going to uni together,,,the look on her face was priceless,,,still pml.
  8. You can be a miserable [email protected] sometimes slim. What will make you happy?

    Why should reservists be included? You are PART TIME and as such do a fantastic job, However you are already in a civilian job, and as such you can undertake CPD, and even attend Uni on a part time basis. Serving sailors can only undertake CPD which is relavent to SERVICE needs.

    Still think its a good move, which it had been available to me. I had to wait until I retired from the fleet to go to uni.
  9. Well for a start the demise of this useless excuse for a government may help a little.
    But what would really make me happy would be a government of elected representatives who wished to work for the good of the electorate and country rather than work at feathering their own nests, guess I will always be a miserable [email protected] :thumright:
  10. My point is - and I am thinking of specific instances here - that reservists have been injured severely and thus been unable to continue their civilian employment. They then need to be retrained. In a couple of occasions I can think of this includes the need for further degree-level education. At the moment they are left to go cap-in-hand to the service charities. I certainly think they should get their fees paid as of right within the orbit of a scheme like this. I don't think it should be 'generally' available for reservists, but where they have made a significant physical sacrifice I think it is only fair. One Navy and all that.
  11. Is this extra cash on top of "Enhanced Learning Credits", or are the government telling to voters something they already give us? I am out in a few weeks and my understanding is I can use my credits for 10 years after I leave.
  12. cant stand broon the tw$t but looking forward to finishing my masters at his expense and not mine.

    UNLESS their is a DIN on the streets friday with a shite load fo requirements -

    cynical switch OFF but instantly ready to be put ON again
  13. Slim is almost old enough to realise that with Labour there is no free lunch, some one will pay for your education, and it wont be the government I suspect. Perhaps if the government had looked after the services better since they came into power there would not be the percieived need for this sort of arrangement.

    As for reservists if they do the time then why not. It is not like it was when I was a reservist and it needed general mobilisation to get any reservists called up. Now being in the reserves is an acceptance of the possibility of deployment so the fundamental criteria of commitment is there.
  14. I still think injuries/retraining is more relevant from a reservist point of view, or perhaps an offer based on numbers of operational tours. If you were talking six years of active service, it would take most reservists a long time to get there.
  15. I don't think that it has anything to do with how much time one has available. Some Reservists have served for over a decade, some double or even treble that. It has to do with how valuable the MoD classes each individual serviceman or woman as.

    Perhaps, instead of serving six years as a Regular, if you serve enough for say the VRSM, then you should also qualify..

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