Armed forces employment research


looking for some help Hope this is the correct place to post this? Apologies if not :oops:

To introduce myself I am an Area Manager of a large company in the North West and was ex forces back in the 70s. so old man now (so I have been told :) ) part of my job spec is Employment rights and law in the work place from management to shop floor. Im currently doing research on Armed forces alleged illegal employment issues that effected service people over the last 12 years. I have done some Internet searching on the subject and have found
These links to be top of the tree

I would like to find out more from people who are in the know on this matter and would like to know what was the outcome, IE was the subject soldier discharged, did he win, was the officers charged, did this just effect one trade in the forces?

I have noticed from my searching that the alleged illegal practice of manning control did stop and the case was very media heavy for about three to four years but since last year the trail has stopped.
If there are other uk military forum sites that this post could be linked to that would be most appreciated.

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