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Discussion in 'Petitions' started by sunatclun, Jun 11, 2008.

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  1. We are calling on the Prime Minister to establish a nationally recognised symbol for businesses that offer a special welcome and discount for members of the armed forces
    Many people are concerned that our country does not adequately recognise the courage and sacrifice of members of the armed services, except on special occasions such as Remembrance Day. We should be proud of the members of the armed services for their role in protecting us and their courage should be recognised on a daily basis. Business can help here. At our Shropshire pub we offer a 10% discount on food and accommodation for all serving members of HM Forces and we wish to encourage other businesses to do the same. But it is nigh impossible for military personnel to identify which outlets give discounts. We urgently need a nationally recognised symbol for businesses that offer a discount to the armed forces. We are currently petitioning the Prime Minister to establish such a symbol. We want everyone concerned at the way we are treating our troops to sign the petition at

    Fiona and Graham Didlick
    The Sun Inn
    Clun, Shropshire
    [email protected],
  2. You've obviously not seen this then.....

    No idea how you advertise here, but there must be a way.
    Top tip: knock 10% off the beer and you're onto a winner.

    And thanks - if there were more like you guys, we'd be a bit happier.

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