Armed Forces Discount At Malmaison Hotels


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I can't find anything which confirms this but it was announced at our unit last night that the Malmaison luxury hotel chain will give a massive discount to members of the armed forces staying in their hotels.

I believe its been reduced to around £59.00 and is to be trialled for a year. We were also told that this is offered on a use it or lose it basis so its well worth asking about it if you fancy taking the other half away for the weekend.

Good on you Malmaison for recognising the efforts of our boys.




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Here's the original press release:


GREAT British heroes deserve a GREAT British deal!

Attention all gallant service men & women!

From July 28th Malmaison Hotels are offering a well deserved Hero’s Welcome Home-50% off at all twelve Malmaison Hotels.

Malmaison Hotels have decided that “The Best of the Best deserve the Best!†Announcing a rate of just £59 per room, per night, bed and breakfast, PLUS 20% off all food and drink for all our men and women in the Army, Navy and Air Force. Surrender to this GREAT offer! Stand at ease, wind down and let Malmaison show thanks and recognition to you all for your fighting spirit and your determination in the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Said Malmaison Hotel’s Managing Director Bruce McKendrick, “as a Scotsman, I have made a great many friends in Scotland’s Regiments, in the Airforce and in the Navy. Nobody can be prouder of our guys and girls who are serving their country so fantastically well in often dangerous circumstances. Malmaison’s “Best of the Best†offer is just a small way for us to show them how very much we appreciate what they are doing for us all.â€

Malmaison salutes you!
To book now call 0845 365 4247
Subject to Availability

Malmaison Hotels: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, London, Belfast, Oxford, Liverpool, Reading and opening in Aberdeen, Winter 08.



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There are T&C, as always, you can only book two weeks in advance, its limited to Fri and Sat and not in London at all :-(

Still better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick I suppose.

At £264 for a night in London its quite expensive for my pocket anyone got any ideas for a decent hotel in London?


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Just to confirm that the special rates become bookable two weeks before the night available i.e. if you ring this week you can check availability for this weekend and the following weekend, according to the Sales Co-ordinator at Malmaison. I imagine that they have to wait to fairly close to the dates so that they can see on their system which rooms have not yet been booked up by guests paying the full rate.

Still sounds like a good offer.


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Just a note to say that the Malmaison offer is actually for Friday and Sunday nights.

It does apply to London too. The only problem is that, if a Friday or Sunday has proved to be very popular with full rate paying guests, for some reason, then there are unlikely to be any rooms to put into the pot for the special offer. I imagine that there might be weekends when bookings are not so high outside of the tourist season, which hasn''t yet begun to wind down, so it might be worth trying London later in the year.

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