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Do you guys not think this is a very shallow vote-grabbing "jump on the bandwagon" response by the Government to poor morale in the Forces and recent newspaper articles? Have to say I'm not in favour - I don't think it will make any difference and noone will respect it anyway.
I can see what you mean. What i found really funny, is when Gordon brown lost the popularity vote, he cancelled the general election knowing he was going to loose. So he makes up the idea for a new day off to get his popularity up. :eek:


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If this is another Monday bank holiday it will be no use at all - just an excuse for those who don't care about the Forces in the first place to have another long weekend off work & maybe short break out of the country, lose more foreign exchange and 0.5% national productivity.

As far as the RN is concerned there is a need to find a way to make the ships and their inhabitants more visible, perhaps via more 'Navy Day' type events, say moved to the end of May bank hol weekend so the ships are not in leave period. I'm wary of having the troops march around a lot as the reaction may well be apathy and only two kids and a dog watching, which will be worse than nothing laid on at all. RM Band concert(s) in Guidhall Square might be useful - this just reminds me that we have lost, for instance, the homecoming parades of the Field Gun crews. Although I do realise we have long since been unable to spare the FG manpower, packing in the FG has not been without its goodwill & publicity downside.
How one sells the Navy to folks in Wolverhampton, God knows.

One thing for sure, whatever is dreamed up will have to be (1) cheap (2) inexpensive and (3) not cost much.
OK, Will I be adverse to another public holiday, NO
Am I adverse to it being called Armed Forces Day, Yes

I am sure the government can come up with another way of showing there appreciation of the armed forces than giving everyone a public holiday, better pay, conditions and equipment spring to mind for starters.
Great! Armed Forces Day! Another bank holiday that people will work. Bank holidays are a waste of time, shops open :tp: Even yesterday a holy Christian day, Halfords were open! Why? People were trying to shop at our local supermarket! Why? Don't shop workers deserve a day off. They don't get double time pay just a few pence more per hour! If the public have their way all shops would be open 24 hours, 365.25 days a year :pukel: :tp: :toilet:
I can remember shops open from 8 or 9 am. till 5 or 6 pm, closed Sundays and Bank Holidays. Bring back the old days! Yah Boo.
This has already been approached by our leaders within and posted on MOD websites recently.

Their suggestion is not a bank holiday but for the dockyards and bases to have open days etc.

So to be cynical about it, it will actually cost more money to clean beforehand and of course it will be over a BH or weekend and leave will be stopped.

That would really be a winner. NOT


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Sitmus said:
(Sorry if wrong forum ^_^; )

Can you please click the link below and support the idea for a national holiday in support of the armed forces. :)
I am totally against an "Armed Forces Day". The only reason the standing of the Armed Forces is perceived to have diminshed in the eyes of the public is because they are the instruments of extremely unpopular Government policies in Iraq and Afghanistan. I dont recall any of these problems post the Falklands???
It is up to the Government to convince the public that their foreign policy is justified NOT the Armed Forces.


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I'm against the Armed Forces Day, it's being done to appease the public and those in the services. As all ready stated in this thread, Increase defence spending and help those leaving the forces with housing.

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