Armed Forces Day query

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by chockhead819, Jun 27, 2009.

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  1. We held our do today & lowered the flag at 3pm as basically it was a fundraiser & we had no displyed except static vehicles, some people complained saying it was too early.

    so what time did others end their ceremonies?
  2. Plymouths is tomorrow - Sunday.
  3. we had ours today, and to be honest it was truly crap! :violent1:

    there was absolutely no advertising for it, no-one turned up and was over in about ten minutes.
  4. And reading what is taking place in Guzz, with some amateur school band and police bagpipes, a dc9 over flying and a seaking from the coastguard, this one will be just a crap.
    It's just the government again trying but failing to focus our minds away from them.
  5. Looks like the one in Chatham was the bizz 8) 8) Full RM band , Arrows and B.O.B. Flypast B?Z :D :D :D :D
  6. i'd have thought they would have put a bit more of an effort into it. ours was tinpot, but then again it is a tinpot little town :lol:
  7. Muh?! Armed Forces Day??

    Oh was that this squeek that I saw on the news for 30 seconds and haven't heard a peep about since....

    On a more seriouse question, what was the point of "Armed Forces Day?"
  8. My local AFCO hung the navy ensign flag and union jack out of their window woooooop

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