Armed Forces Day Edinburgh

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by bigglesbandicoot, Jun 24, 2011.

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  1. Just thought I'd post a few snaps from today.
    AFD _DSC0840_024.jpg AFD _DSC0877_061.jpg AFD _DSC0897_081.jpg AFD _DSC0925_109.jpg AFD _DSC1050_234.jpg
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  2. Thank you. Much appreciated.
  3. AFD _DSC0889_073.jpg AFD _DSC0913_097.jpg AFD _DSC1017_201.jpg AFD _DSC1090_274.jpg AFD _DSC1173_357.jpg
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  4. No we had our day off today
  5. Nah he'd just been forced to watch a Hibs game.
  6. What are the nets around the gangway for?
    Scotland isn't that bad you feel the need to jump.
    And last but not least, great pics bruvva, got any more?
  7. Yeah I have some more But I need to reduce the size of them So I'll post a few more later or tomorrow.
  8. Apparently someone told him he'd get a gold coin if he could catch a leprechaun. (i'll probably get five years for that now)
  9. Excellent pics, quite a tidy blonde as well ;-)

    I think there's something on in Bolton square today, i mite pop over and see what happening, doubt there will be any ships though as it is 30 miles from the coast.
  10. I'll be in Edinburgh later on, although I just know I'll end up doing a tour of Rose St and the Grassmarket
  11. Gutted i'm working all day today :p
  12. Cheers Biggles, bloody good pics.
  13. LMM


    Armed Forces Minister has announced the 2012 Armed Forces Day will be in Guz :-D
  14. Nice. Can i use some of these photos? Just to pass on to some people that are in them ;).
  15. A few from the main parade today.
    AFD _DSC1482_644.jpg AFD _DSC1497_659.jpg AFD DSC_1511_669.jpg AFD DSC_1513_671.jpg AFD DSC_1514_672.jpg

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