Armed forces covenant and forces discrimination

I was diagnosed with lung cancer in August 2015 and during my working life the only place I had significant exposure to Asbestos was between 1964 to 1975, when I served in the Royal Navy. When I pressed the medical staff for more information on the type of cancer, I was told pleural plaques had been found indicating a connection with Asbestos.
I attempted to make a personal injury claim against the MOD but was informed I COULD NOT as they had crown immunity. In effect this discriminates against servicemen and women and ex servicemen and women, as they would be able to sue if they worked for civilian companies.
Now, in 2010 the government, and particularly David Cameron guaranteed all servicemen and women would be treated fairly and consistently with their civilian opposite numbers, that is not happening.
Can you support my petition to remove crown immunity from MOD where a breach in health and safety have resulted in a serviceman or woman, during or after service This petition has only started but maximum support will quickly reach the 10,000 mark to force a government rethink


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Done shippers. The very best of luck from one who served in steam ships with plenty of the nasty stuff about. It was also in SACE electrical breakers in T21, T22, T23 & CVS.
Come on guys, I'm trying to get some sense out of the unelected bureaucratic civil servants who run the MOD.
This is a quote from the Armed Forces Covenant

The Covenant is a term used mainly by the British Army, other British armed forces and the media in relation to the question of adequate safeguards, rewards and compensation for military personnel who risk their lives in obedience to military orders derived from the policy of the elected civilian government. It is argued that armed forces personnel should expect to be treated fairly by the Crown and expect the support of the nation, society and the government.

The Ministry of Defence[2] states "In putting the needs of the Nation, the Army and others before their own, they forgo some of the rights enjoyed by those outside the Armed Forces.

I need your signatures to correct this way of treating our colleagues in the forces and retired personnel
Signed! Developed astma at age 35, often wondered if all that asbestos from deteriorating lagging etc flying around in admiralty 3 drum pressurised boiler rooms was a factor, not to mention lagging turbine casings, evaps etc as a killick stoker on the big E after the tiffies had been playing. Got to be a factor in those in similar environments during their time in the mob who developed associated illnesses. More power to them!

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