Armed Forces Compensation Scheme - Ministerial Statement

On Monday (19 March 2007) the PUSS for Defence (David Twigg) made the following announcement in Commons Hansard (Col.31WS):

The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme has been in force now for just over a year and a half. As is sensible with any new scheme, we have conducted an evaluation of its operation in the first year to identify any emerging issues. The evaluation is now complete and copies of the report are available in the Library of the House as well as on the MOD and Veterans Agency websites. The findings show some positive outcomes from the first year such as simpler, speedier arrangements for claimants and internal dispute procedures that result in fewer cases settled by appeal to the Pensions Appeal Tribunals. The issues identified, such as continuing to raise awareness of the scheme, will be taken forward by officials. The report recommends a fuller assessment of the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme after five years of operation.

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