Armed forces attributable benefits scheme (AFAB)


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Wondering if anybody knows what this is?

I was medically discharged last year with a 6-14% attributable rate which was increased to 20% by a pension tribunal

just received a letter from veterans UK telling me that nothing will change (pension will be tax free and war pension received) but using the AFAB it isn't attributable to service because nothing in service life caused it even though every other doctor has stated it was stress and my original percentage was founded in the fact it couldn't be proven it wasn't service life that caused the problems with my heart

After calling veterans UK it seems it's a specialist area as none of them knew how to explain any of it and if there is no changes should I pursue it and challenge the decision

I'm bloody confused
Do not quote me as I am not a professional in this area.
My understanding is you have been awarded a 20% War Pension by a tribunal, the Vet Agency just administer this award, this award is tax free for life unless something changes, you get worse or better, you then contact the Vet Agency who will arrange anther medical at your home.
If you think the tribunal has it wrong and you are worse than they say, then arrange anther medical, just remember the 20% can go up, down or stay unchanged.
Other things you could also be entitled to claim is Disability Living Allowance, which is still applicable to war pensioners. Google how to claim.
Plus if you think you are on a lower standard of living (wages/job role) compared to your pusser job then again speak to the Vet Agency about an allowance for lower standard of living.
16 years ago I was on a 20% WP now as my body has gone to rat S**t, that has been increased by additional medicals.
I have seen a few cases within my family where they are disabled, or one could say not as able as they were, but it has taken them 5 years plus to come to the reality that the Doc’s are right and they have to learn to live in the present and not lust after that indestructible body of our teens.
Hope this helps, you cam PM me any specific questions and I will try to help, I read a lot about how the system works, so as to understand it and what is and is not allowed, it is very easy to fall on the wrong side and end up in court.


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Thanks pal

Got the letter I asked for and because my pension was set at the war pensions level of disability the AFAB then revisit the case to see if they believe it was service attributable, totally,separate entity from war pensions so everything I received (SIP tax free and war pension will remain for life)

The doctor at INM has looked and said my condition is 'multi-factorial' and believes it wasn't made worse by service life

But I was misdiagnosed for 2 years and I suffered from none of the problems that can bring on my condition so I'm going to appeal it

Don't think it will make a difference or add anything to my life but not having one entity stating that balance of probabilities it's impossible to say it wasn't caused by service life and another stating he certainly didn't get it from the forces
Good luck it can take a while to get through it all, contact the British legion they will help and advise you on how to appeal.

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