Armed Forces Act 2006

The only bit I understood was on the last page! :twisted:

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How many of us have contravened Section 20 para (1) sub-para (b)?

20 Unfitness or misconduct through alcohol or drugs

(1) A person subject to service law commits an offence if, due to the influence of alcohol or any drug—

(a) he is unfit to be entrusted with his duty or any duty which he might
reasonably expect to be called upon to perform; or
(b) his behaviour is disorderly or likely to bring discredit to Her Majesty’s

rosinacarley said:
Are you completely deranged? 343 pages? No wonder politicians always seem so sonambulant!
Spare a thought for those who have to explain it to them in plain English Rosie... :lol: ...not that they necessarily listen... :roll: