Armed Foorces Face Brown's Fury

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Seadog, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Sunday Telegraph

    I bet Brown and Blair et al don't like what their staffers report from RR and ARRSE either.
  2. If our complaints are just seen as Labour bashing rather than disagreeing with specific policies that they have in relation to the armed forces, it will do us collectively no good at all.

    As I have said before, I am by no means certain that the other parties would behave differently were they in power.

    The important thing therefore to explain the relevance of the armed forces in the life of the nation and that making endless cuts, not only demoralises the troops but damages our image and influence abroad.

    It is a dangerous prospect on both fronts.
  3. true. however if nothing is said and we accept the cuts as both fair and sensible....then where does that leave us....?
  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Hang on a minute; Brown is a politician and we in the Forces are representatives of the electorate - in a true democracy the headline should surely read "Brown faces Armed Forces' Fury" - the fact its reversed is itself an indictment on the political establashment of the UK.

    We live in hope! Unfortunately these will be the same staffers who will be looking at a wide range of public opinion and determining policy based on the "easiest" solution - sadly, investing in the future of the Armed Forces is neither easy nor cheap, nor would it affect many within the UK as a proportion of the 60 million population - ergo ignroe the Armed Forces and perhaps they'll go away :(
  5. The Labour party have done nothing to endear the Armed Forces to them, in fact they have done just about exacly the opposite. Morale seems to be at an all time low across all three services. Can Blair, Brown & Browne really be surprised if the Armed Forces are becoming Toryfied? Options For Change under the Conservative administration didn't do us any favours either but we are in the here and now, and it is the current Labour government that is slowly and surely destroying the Armed Forces.

    Whether we are in the Navy, Army or RAF we are all suffering. We are all up shit creek, and never mind a paddle, we haven't even got a canoe.

    Patrick Mercer is quoted in the torygraph as saying, "The Armed Forces are not a political organisation...", and this is true; however, voting Labour in the current climate would be like turkies voting for Christmas.

    We need to speak out against what is happening for remaining silent would appear to be an endorsement.
  6. That's more to the point!

    I am quite sure the AF are not a vote winner on their own, but we haven't quite reached the shameful level of the Yanks when they turned on their own soldiers fighting in Vietnam. The electorate understand that the AF are only doing the bidding of their masters and, therefore, the Government could loose votes for their actions. The Government is, I am quite sure, wishing it could unravel this whole mess and leave the various sandpits without getting egg on it's face!!

    Maggie won the '83 election on the back of the Falklands, Tony was hoping for the warm afterglow of seeing off Saddam. The AF haven't won him the impossible peace he now craves, and this is our punishment for not earning him the place in the history books that he so desperately wants.

    I'll carry on Labour bashing, whilst at the same time telling the other numpties that they are going to have to work hard to get my vote! At the end of the day, saving a few more strategic boundry changes, they need votes to stay in power and they will NEVER get mine if they carry on like this!

    This servile attitude towards our lords and masters is sooooooo 19th century. They are the Government of the day and that is all, tomorrow is another day thank God!

    It is only when it is too late that the full impact of what is happening now will really strike home, we simply can't allow that to happen!
  7. I agree and I've already sent an e-mail to David Cameron at [email protected] to this effect, though whether he takes any notice of what one person has to say is doubtful, or even if he reads any of those e-mails himself. I urge anyone who is concerned enough about the way things are heading for the AF to do the same and maybe he will take some sort of notice. He will need to learn from Bliar's error and take note of public opinion. Getting the public out to vote gets harder and harder, not just because people are more apathetic and lazy, but I think because they are fed up with the smarm, spin, lies hypocricy and double standards of your average front bench politician.
  8. I have also e-mailed Cameron, Although i don't paticulary like any politician's.We need anyone who has a brain and can learn from the past and what the cut's did to us then.
  9. I find it amusing that the Telegraph states that "the Armed Forces faces Brown's fury" over leaked documents from the MOD.
    It seems to imply that no Civil servants at the MOD would ever contemplate doing such a dirty deed !

    It may come as a surprise to some of the jurrasic ostriches in the Noo Labour Party, but not all public sector workers are supporters of such a discredited party. Some of them actually do support the services in what they are trying to do, and despair of the way that this government, and previous Labour governments, treat the services.

    This party (Old & New) always trumpet themselves as the 'party for the people' - not so IMHO.
    If you have money(so much that you can 'donate' a substantial sum), or holiday accomodation (luxury only of course !) etc, you will always be welcomed by them, but actuallly work for your money and it seems you are beneath contempt.

    Emailing pollies is okay to a certain extent, but in the end most of them are all only feathering their nests - the idea that they do the job for the betterment of the country and its citizens runs second (or later) to their ego (and bank accounts being high on the list it appears !!).
  10. Working out in the sticks, the only grip that I have on the reality that is the RN today comes from this site. Could someone therefore explain where the line "no promotions in the Royal navy for the next five years" in the Telegraph article [hyperlinked] comes from.

    Is this true and if so WTF have I just spent six months in the sandpit to be followed by 18 months at sea to enhance my prospects if there aren't any to be had? Am I about to throw good money after bad?

  11. In a word - YES.
  12. I heard that there are to be no promotions over the rank of Lt Cdr until 2012.

    Anyone got a DIN on this?

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