Armchair Warriors


Art the Fart

Our beloved and much respected (sic) Lord West of Spithead, no less, has joined forces with his Brownjob mucker. lord Dannatt in worrying what will happen to their lavish pensions and benefits should Scotland
decide to go their own way.
They are right to be worried.
Without oil revenues together with whisky revenues we will be unable to keep them and their wives into continuing luxury.
They are right to be concerned.
Another Cognac?
Of course!
So, Art the Fart, please point to your DSC (Falklands, West) or MC (NI, Dannatt), or indeed CGC/DSO, before gobbling off about "armchair warriors". Disagree with them about many things, but those 2 blokes earned the right to be respected.


War Hero
Your AF/CS pension will be just as do have one don't you Mr Fart?

Worried. If they are on the south side of the border they needn't be. I don't trust an independent Scottish Government to honour Service and CS pensions accrued in service of the Crown south of the border. I expect there will be means testing for the Scottish State pension and those with other pensions will dip out.

Service pensions are earned.

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