Arm the deathray!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Merlin28, Jan 12, 2011.

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  1. Not that new, the Soviets were using ship borne lasers to dazzle pilots of maritime recce aircraft in the 80s. It would be nice though if the power could be stepped up a bit to fry the pirates.

  2. The Soviet laser went by the name of 'Tin Man', if memory serves.
  3. The usaul Technological or medical breakthrough caveat appears...

    'But further safety testing is needed before such a system could be commercially deployed....'

    Therefore won't be seen in the bows of Civ shipping for years to come.
  4. We had that green beam onboard before some of you were born.
  5. That's correct, we also had a red one on the otherside of the bridge :)
  6. And a white one on the stern?
  7. The yellow flashing one on the fin could realy bugger your night vision
  8. Aye as I stated they have been around for some time.=-)
  9. A bit like yourself Finksy.......:faroah:

    Edited to add.... like the new avitar btw.
  10. _50734511_004laserdistractionimagery.jpg

    ******* brilliant, a blind pirate can still make little baby pirates with perfectly good eyes, lasers are ****, bullets are a cheaper long and short term solution.

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