Ark Royal Traps

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by granville, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. Excellent link. :thumright:
  2. Thank you granville. Wonderful stuff. Is this a clip from 'Sailor' when Wilf Graham was Ark's Captain? He was our CO in HMS Scarborough in the Dartmouth Training Squadron.
  3. wonderful stuff, turn the volume up full, & have a basin of paraffin to sniff whilst watching.
    was 'Y' unit , Ark Royal 1971-2
  4. Funny how you miss the sulpherous fumes from the funnels. (Thats WAFU for uptakes) :thumright:
  5. :thumright: If your ancient!! cartridge start smell of the Whirlybird :thumright:
  6. brilliant link :thumright: Where can i sign up again????? ps for info Buccaneer 020 is alive and well at Bruntingthorpe. With the names of the late LT/CDR Watson and L/T Hulme under the cockpit :salut:
  7. I only visited this because I thought you were discussing your (female) conquests..... :lol:
  8. You and your vivid imagination :w00t: Steve :thumright:
  9. Scouse: vivid? In your case, surely not? ;) Steve
  10. Looks like I'm an ancient then.

    First helicopter to gain QM on.

    If starter sticks, open door strike sharply with hide face hammer, dislodge diaphragm - Leonardes Major kicks into life. Ahhhhhhhh Whirl Wind 7's
  11. All those choppers - must be the squadrons getting their rabbits ashore

    And the deck landings must surely be at Ships company mealtimes ........ ;)

    Good movie otherwise, brought some memories of goofing when I served in somewhat smaller ships.

  12. Despite being made before I was born I still hold that Sailor was one of the best TV series to come out of the beeb. RIght down to the Bish (R.I.P)being one of the first people to swear on national TV. Out on DVD if any of you guys are interested in getting a sentimental copy. The special edition even comes with its own flight deck smell.
  13. loved it, have CCP to all my addresses.........and dont the occifers speak terribly terribly nice, what

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