Ark Royal RO7 and Old Ship Associations

Hi there,

Two questions - is there an Association for the most recent Ark Royal - "You'll never get to heaven on the R07".
I've seen one for the one that was sunk and the one scrapped in the 80s, but not the most recent one. There seems to be lot of Save the Ark on facebook but...

Also, what happens at an old ship's Association reunion? Is it all people in blazers with crests on the breast pocket going
"Do you remember Alfie Stiggens he crashed on...

the quarterdeck
the Mess square
the Chief Wren Reg.."

or do they get up to other things?

Happy Monday.
Can't say I remember Alfie Stiggins, but then was never ship's company on the 80's Ark, did visit when she was in Malta, with the Vic in the 60's. I would think most would wear a blazer complete with ship/squadron crest, its the badge of having belonged, and mostly a link with happy times, old and missing mates. Long lost run ashores, great tot-times, those far away places on this globe that were visited. Days that will never return , but live on in a lot of minds. So soak it up Bob.

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