Ark Royal returns as the Vanguard of the Fleet


Lantern Swinger
The return to Fleet Flagship is a significant moment for HMS Ark Royal as she will also become the Nation’s Strike Carrier: operating Harrier aircraft from Naval Strike Wing, maintaining the UK’s ‘Strike’ capability
Im surprised there are any harriers out there to do that!
cornishgolfer said:
And where are the Harriers coming from?
Latest from Joint Force Harrier.

20(R) Squadron will disband (Wittering)
4(AC) will disband (Cottesmore)
4(R) will Form Up (At Wittering as the training Squadron/OCU)
801 Part of NSW will disband (Cott)
800 "Spit" will form up with 1(F) at Witt as Harrier Strike Wing.

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