Ark Royal (R09) 1970 Collision


Hello shipmates, need your help.

I`ve been trying - without success - to find photos of the Ark at the time when she was involved in a notorious incident in 1970 when she collided with the Soviet destroyer Kotlin while it was shadowing Ark Royal (a common practise during the Cold War) which was in the Mediterranean to participate in a NATO exercise. Ark Royal was damaged only slightly while the Soviet destroyer sustained significant damage.

I thankyou in advance for your help


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Found this pic of her circa 1970 after her major refit '66-'70. But can't find anything in pictures 'bout the collision.


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There never was a specific ship called the Kotlin.It was a name used by the designers.The actual Name of the class was Project 56(kotlin).If you can actually find out the Name of the Vessel it would help.

Names of the Kotlin Class.

Spokoinyy - Спокойный - Peaceful
Svetlyy - Светлый - Bright ( or Light)
Speshnyy - Спешный - Rapid
Skromnyy - Скромный - Modest
Svedushchiy - Сведущий -Knowledgeable
Smyshlenyy - Смышленый - Sharp (quickwitted)
Skrytnyy- Скрытный - Secretive
Soznatelnyy - Сознательный - Aware
Spravedlivyy - Справедливый - Just , Kotlin SAM modernisation and trasfer to the Polish navy as the ORP Warszawa
Nesokrushimyy - ÐеÑокрушимый - Indestructible
Nakhodchivyy- Ðаходчивый - Resourceful
Nastoyachivyy - Ðаходчивый - Real
Byvalvyy - Бывалый
Bravyy - Бравый - Kotlin SAM prototype
Besslednyy - БеÑÑледный - Untracable
Burlivyy - Бурливый - Turbulent or Tempestous
Blagorodnyy - Благородный - Noble
Blestyashchyy - БлеÑÑ‚Ñщий - Brilliant
Plammeny- Пламенный - Fiery or Ardent
Naporystyy - ÐапориÑтый - Forceful
Vyzyvayuschiy- Вызыающий - Challenging
Veskiy - ВеÑкий - Convincing
Vdokhnovenyy -Вдохновенный - Inspiring
Vozmuschenyy- Возмущенный - Indignant
Vozbuzhdenyy- Возбужденный -Excited
Vliyatelnyy - ВлиÑтельный -Influential
Vyderzhannyy- Выдержанный - Consistent
The ships were scrapped between 1987 and 1990


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Sorry, bum steer. Having got home and dug out my copy of McCarts book, although it's mentioned (09Nov70, with Bravyy for Andym) it's not the chapter I remember. It might be Ark Royal IV by Richard JOhnstone-Bryden.