Ark Royal (R09) 1970 Collision

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by R094V1-George, Feb 9, 2007.

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  1. Hello shipmates, need your help.

    I`ve been trying - without success - to find photos of the Ark at the time when she was involved in a notorious incident in 1970 when she collided with the Soviet destroyer Kotlin while it was shadowing Ark Royal (a common practise during the Cold War) which was in the Mediterranean to participate in a NATO exercise. Ark Royal was damaged only slightly while the Soviet destroyer sustained significant damage.

    I thankyou in advance for your help [​IMG]
  2. Have you tried Neil McCart's book "The Three Ark Royals"?. I think it has a chapter devoted to the Kotlin incident.
  3. Thanks for the info`. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]

    Found this pic of her circa 1970 after her major refit '66-'70. But can't find anything in pictures 'bout the collision.
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Those planes won't fly, there wings are to short.
  6. Look again, they are flapping their wings prior to take off... :grin:
  7. There never was a specific ship called the Kotlin.It was a name used by the designers.The actual Name of the class was Project 56(kotlin).If you can actually find out the Name of the Vessel it would help.

    Names of the Kotlin Class.

    Spokoinyy - Спокойный - Peaceful
    Svetlyy - Светлый - Bright ( or Light)
    Speshnyy - Спешный - Rapid
    Skromnyy - Скромный - Modest
    Svedushchiy - Сведущий -Knowledgeable
    Smyshlenyy - Смышленый - Sharp (quickwitted)
    Skrytnyy- Скрытный - Secretive
    Soznatelnyy - Сознательный - Aware
    Spravedlivyy - Справедливый - Just , Kotlin SAM modernisation and trasfer to the Polish navy as the ORP Warszawa
    Nesokrushimyy - ÐеÑокрушимый - Indestructible
    Nakhodchivyy- Ðаходчивый - Resourceful
    Nastoyachivyy - Ðаходчивый - Real
    Byvalvyy - Бывалый
    Bravyy - Бравый - Kotlin SAM prototype
    Besslednyy - БеÑÑледный - Untracable
    Burlivyy - Бурливый - Turbulent or Tempestous
    Blagorodnyy - Благородный - Noble
    Blestyashchyy - БлеÑÑ‚Ñщий - Brilliant
    Plammeny- Пламенный - Fiery or Ardent
    Naporystyy - ÐапориÑтый - Forceful
    Vyzyvayuschiy- Вызыающий - Challenging
    Veskiy - ВеÑкий - Convincing
    Vdokhnovenyy -Вдохновенный - Inspiring
    Vozmuschenyy- Возмущенный - Indignant
    Vozbuzhdenyy- Возбужденный -Excited
    Vliyatelnyy - ВлиÑтельный -Influential
    Vyderzhannyy- Выдержанный - Consistent
    The ships were scrapped between 1987 and 1990
  8. chieftiff

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  9. Best ship I ever served on , March 72 to Jan 78 , :wink:
  10. Sorry, bum steer. Having got home and dug out my copy of McCarts book, although it's mentioned (09Nov70, with Bravyy for Andym) it's not the chapter I remember. It might be Ark Royal IV by Richard JOhnstone-Bryden.
  11. Even better than the 'mighty white'?????????
  12. Andy,

    What a great name for a boat: Vozbuzhdenyy- Возбужденный -Excited

    HMS Excited

    They'd have to issue twin sets of monosocks to all the matelots....

  13. Steve i though this would have been more your ship.

    Vozbuzhdenyy- Возбужденный -Excited
  14. You will not find any pictures as it was dark.......and only aircraft and other ships were in the vicinity...Operation Limejug....I know I was on board and it was a big shock to all of us as what was normally a very stable platform suddenly keeled to one side and came to an abrupt stop.......Almost. Everyone rushed for their lifebelts and their wallets. then action stations was sounded!
  15. I was on the bridge at the time of the collision will have a shufty through some photos if I can find any. Won't be any of the collision though. I believe a couple of phots were on the ships boats launched to pick up any survivors. they picked up a couple I think and they were taken back to the ship in overalls and a handfull of "Fly Navy" stickers.
  16. 3 files in the National Archive: BOI reports of collision between ARK ROYAL and KOTLIN No 365 November 9th 1970 - can't remember if there are any foties in them - ADM 330/54, 55 and 91.
  17. If you can get hold of the Commission book 1970-73 there is a picture of the damage on p34. The caption says 'Damage to the stern' but I believe this to be a typo error for stem.
  18. Is this some sort of a joke?
    We were on water rationing within hours of leaving the wall.
    The ship was a wreck.

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