Ark Royal open to the public this weekend

Ark will be open to visitors at Victory Jetty in Portsmouth Naval Base between midday and 4pm on Saturday 22 January and 10am and 3pm the following day. Areas open on board will include the hangar, flight deck and operations room. I’m not sure what kind of state the ship will be in, as when I went past the Hard the other day I could see Containers on deck – I wonder if they’ve started stripping her out already? Entry to the jetty will be through Portsmouth Historic Dockyard’s main entrance at Victory Gate.

Full linky here:- Ark Royal to open to the public one final time « Daly History Blog
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Lots of interest in the Ark today. At 1330 the queue was backed up all the way opposite HMS Victory, right through the dockyard and just past Victory gates. I felt very sorry for the young kids who were getting very impatient and people looked very cold. Me, I was nice and warm in the Ship & Castle !

If anyone is planning to go and pay a visit she opens at 10.00 tomorrow but i would get there as early as you can.


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Well that's all done and dusted then.

Mrs SG decided it would be a good idea to show junior SG one of the ships daddy served on. Daddy decided to go along to ensure that a stake had been driven into the bitches heart and she really was going for razor blades (Ark not Mrs SG). The Ark was not my happiest draft and just reinforced my already low opinion of carrier queens:evil:

At 1100 the queue was doubling back on itself outside Portsmouth Harbour train station, it took 2 hours to reach the ship. I really was surprised by this considering how bl##dy cold it was. The amount of people who had come down to see her, including the Canadian in front of me that had flown down for the day from holiday in Scotland, was incredible.

Junior SG enjoyed herself (after getting warm again in the hangar), Mrs SG got hatch rash going through the entrance at the fwd gangway to the hangar and I was happily reminded of my time on the ship as the FWD STP vent was stinking out the Fwd gangway area as normal :winkrazz:

All in all a subtly different way to have spent Sunday. Thanks to all those involved in organising and manning SOTV, volunteers or pressed, a lot of people with no real connection to the RN went away with a good opinion of the service. BZ

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Sorry forgot to add, fecking carrier queens! I've Sh1t 'em:evil4:
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