Ark Royal Hands to flying Stations "Septics Only"


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Hmmn, to "develop multi-national interoperability" eh?

Pass the dictionary, Elmer, I think we may have contagiously contracted pooh-creek, negative paddle scenario going down on my letter facilitating computerised keyboard.
X.R.D said:
scouse said:
And many moons ago on the Septics ship USS LEXINGTON 65 :wink: :wink:
Which one is you in that phot Scouse??
No chance :cry: You had to have golden bollocks to get on that Sqdn :wink: 'C' Squadron, A&AEE Boscombe Down........ Me and Slim were gainfully employed Far East on HMS Victorious and HMS Eagle, at that time :lol: :lol:
Toucan said:

It's happened before, about 3 years ago on "The HMS Illustrious". They seemed to enjoy it last time.
I was onboard for that deployment, its all went quite well. Main broadcast was abit of a pain though. eg to get all the USMC muster the pipe would have to be 'USMC formation hanger 0800' and they would all be there, pipe it any other way eg. USMC muster in the centre part of the hanger at 0800' and nobody would turn up! They seemed to quite like the beer issue aswell!
On a separate note we also had the Spanish jets embarked not long after, and at the same time when the Garibaldi's flight deck went tits we got a load of italians, that was emotional.
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