Ark Royal embarks USMC for JTFX 08

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Naval_Gazer, Aug 11, 2008.

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  1. Nice picture by LA(Phot) Gregg Macready on the Navy News website today of a Sea King AEW, Blackhawk and Sea Knight on the flight deck of Ark Royal. It accompanies an article about Ark's involvement in Joint Task Force Exercise 08 (JTFX 08) off the east coast of 'Merika with USMC embarked (link).
  2. Have just handed in my SLOP chit to their Lordships 20X Blackhawk 20x SEA Knight 20X Hawkeye and 80X F35 Lightnings for our 2 New Carriers!! :thumright: The Jack Dusty says "Theirs no Probs " :salut:
  3. The Jack Dusty may say yes but to quote Little Britain 'The computer says NO'.
  4. Maybe the yanks will show "the powers that be", how much more useful, relavent (correct spelling?), and reliable their aircraft are, compared to ours?
  5. Reliable is rarely something you hear in the same sentence as Sea Knight!
  6. Whereas Merlin is a byword for reliability..... :dwarf:
  7. Have to say MM that having recently flown in a Sea Knight, I was very impressed. There is no preteniousness about the aircraft. It is a bus to deliver troops into hot zones where it may take hostile fire, the inside is bare and functional but it would be the easiest thing in the world to carry out battle damage repair on. Where the Sea Knight would be repaired and airborne again we would still be removing sound proofing etc. Slag the Yanks of as we all do but sometimes you have to give them credit and in the case of the Sea Knight will give them credit for utilising a v. old airframe in a most effective manner.
  8. NFF,

    I don't doubt the old girl is being used in a most effective manner. However, their loss rates, logs overheads and performance limitations are significant.

    However, that is merely a reflection of the fact it is a 40 year old design. Many of Merlin's woes in the RN are I would suggest due to the poor logistics resourcing all 3 services are subjected to.

    However, I would concur with the battle damage issue! Composite airframes are great. But they don't like damage!!

  9. WOW!

    Ark Royal gets airframes onboard, that is news!
  10. Wrong thats an MH-60S Knighthawk for VERTREP, looks like bog standard greenie Hawk but its navalised utility version as opposed to the straight and level SH-60F/MH-60R/SH-60B Seahawk/Strikehawk/Oceanhawk

    The Knighthawk replaced the Navy's CH-46 Sea Knights in VERTREP/SAR role
  11. But Jay, what about the SHit-60x Shitehawk, to be built at Yeovil Kwik Fit by some ex air fitters from meccano...will it take over the CSAR role (clueless search and rescue) :toilet:
  12. Just how reliable do you chaps think any 'Hawk would be if WE operated it on OUR funding? Effectively, if it aint sandyside, it aint funded.
  13. It's a shame the NN's can not get thier facts correct, 845 a command and control squadron? it's been a commando sqdn from the days of Wessex V's even Whirlwinds. Buck up NN there are very few air arm sqdn's left so no excuse for such errors.
  14. what you on about the SHitehawk to be built by Wastelands? ;) LOL

    Maybe go back to the days of Tarzan and the Thatched Roof where the utility version the WS-70 was meant to be produced by Wastelands for the Saudis and potentially for the RAF if they wanted it!! :) but it all went pear shaped :)

    Funnily regarding H-60/-S70 in UK, my lecturer in thermodynamics at uni worked at RR Leavsden and he took part in trials in the 80s with a WS-70 with RTM engines.

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