Ark Royal does a calendar

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by 5dits, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. Linky

    Hope it makes lots of money for H4H
  2. Surely something more honest should be produced....

    January... Jack recovering from Xmas leave
    February...Jill preggers
    March...Royals in dresses in the local
    April...Mixed showers...
    May...Matelots dancing round the makeshift maypole (boom)
    June...Jenny and Jack in No.1s during an inspection
    July...Jack the Fat Cook/Chef/Nutritional Artificer, etc handing out bacon butties to hungry matelots at 0100
    August...Royals sunning themselves on deck... fully clothed...
    September...Wafoos sunning themselves on deck
    October...Baby sailors arriving on board
    November...Mess deck picture in the Jennies mess
    December...Royals sunning themselves on the deck in the ICE...naked...
  3. Perhaps we ought to do a Rum Rationers one.

    Second thoughts,probably not such a good idea. :whew:
  4. Adele Flounders poses by HMS Victory for the calendar as Miss July

    Nice pins obviously just joined up and can't find the NAFFI
  5. Roddy, could we have one of you as you would look like had you not discovered the elixir of youth as skin? ;)
  6. I think you guys should definately do a calender.
  7. adele flounders.....soundz like a penguin in distress
  8. Hope it makes lots of cash too but don't reckon much to the quality of some of those shots.

  9. As a CT you really should check before you post, what exactly is a CALENDER?
  10. It's a machine in which paper, cloth, etc., is pressed by rollers to glaze or smooth it, but I think he meant colander Hig.


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