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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by JimDerDog, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. I remember back in the dim and distant past, a programme about the old Ark, particularly the bit when she was coming in for decommissioning and fired the old wardroom piano off the catapult. When I found the DVD of the BBC series on Ark Royal after a bit of digging I sat down happily to watch it, but no wardroom piano bit?!?! The series covered her second to last cruise, then had an add on 5 or 10 years later, showing her remains. No coverage of the actual last voyage. Was I getting confused with another programe? Doesnt take much...
  2. Hi,
    I think this was the series called Sailing, it certainly made Rod Stewart a "hit" record, I am sure he made a version with the lads of Ark joining in.

    I also seem to remember the Piano getting shot off the catapult, and I would have thought this was the series, didn't it make a star of the Joss man?
  3. The series was called Sailor and was first shown in 1975, I bought it a few years ago for my Dad who served on 809 Sqn up to 1972. Can't remember the name of the company but will try to find out.
  4. Regarding the entry from JIMDERDOG. I served on the Ark on its last commision from 1976 to 1978. The piano launch you are referring to took place under great ceremony on the 18th November 1978. It was in the afternoon and was fired from the bow catapault. How can I remember so far back?. Easy really, I'm looking at a Last Commission book.

    Also the Sailor Video was released through the BBC Worldwide Limited.
  5. I was on Ark in the mid 60's (5th Commission I seem to recall) and we tested the cats off Guzz breakwater using a couple of old cars. - Cant recall a piano though
  6. I dunno about 'Sailing', but I'm pretty sure Pete 'n' Dud fired a piano off a flight deck in 'Not Only but Also' as part of the closing credits - ie while singing their version of 'Goodbye' - but maybe that was with satirical intent?
  7. There was also a feature film made about the Ark called "The iron Village". It was shown as a leader to the feature films in all the cinemas in the days when kids could get in for sixpence and some git played the Wurlitzer.

    I have been trying to find a copy of it but no luck so if anyone knows where i can get one, please let me know.
  8. Pete & Dud were onboard in spring oof 1970, and were in a Show called, "Not Only, But Also." Thats one of the times when they fired off a piano. They were dressed in full Evening dress, with long tailed coats. The dummys that went off with the piano, were recovered by the SAR helicopter. On return to the deck, the Handlers of the F/d pty "aquired" the dummys and suits. Both were present in our mess that night for rounds. :lol:
  9. i think an amusing part to that story was that the CO wanted a fly navy sticker on the said piano and the bbc refused so the CO refused the stunt, V quickly a fly navy sticker was attached
  10. Another part I liked was Capt Ansons salary as a Rear Admiral rising to 12k plus a house, the lads also coming back on board drunk saying to the REg that they had spent £8, **** me they =were wasted
  11. so how much would an admiral get now ?
  12. I was on board with 824 when Sailor was being made, had my 2 mins of fame in the 2nd episode.
    Just got the cd version from ebay couple of months ago which included the update 8 years on.
    The producer was John Purdy who at that time was the husband of the dark haired lady in the Liver Birds. Funny the things you remember !

    What I liked about the camera crew, it wasn't all in officer country, there were down in the messes with the lads, I remember when still in the UK seeing a program where TV awards were given out, I know Sailor won a whole slew of them.
  13. I was at Prestwick (Gannet) & flew over the gutted inards of the Ark, sad day in did. Also remember seeing films like "hands to flying stations"
  14. Was on the Ark as a killick stoker , and yes, they died fire off a piano with Dud sat at it but swapped it for a dummy until the piano was in the oggin then Dud jumped in for the rest of the filming.
    We also had the Phantom race....pilot and navi raced from the post office tower, got in the bird and flew to the states then had to get to the top of the Empire State building tower. Record time acheived so Rolls Royce presented the squadron with a roller. Apparently written off on a run ashore. It's all a bit vague after all this time so I'm sure someone can correct me if I've gone astray on some of the facts.
  15. Is this the documentary where they're talking to the killick of the mess and some lad in the background shouts out "LET'S RUB WILLIES!"

    Quality. Anyone know who that was?
  16. It was Peter Cook and Dudley Moore in "not only but also" I remember it well as at the time I was serving on the Ark Royal :lol:

  17. Was on the Ark at the time I would also love a copy

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