Ark goes for scrap

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by drewfester, Sep 9, 2012.

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  1. Seen a lot of our 'old' carriers as they have passed onto the cutters and dismantlers, always sad to see and know that these great old ladies have been broken up. Their pasts and the lives they affected, the miles sailed on the world's oceans and seas, all those great and furious times vanish, as if they never happened. Lots will have memories of hours spent, the sound of jet engines and the thump of rotor blades, lining the deck as they visited foreign ports, the runs ashore. All to melt away.
    Each of the old carriers has their character, and good to know that we will still be able to see the many fine photos of them, home to many over the years.
  2. Will we be getting another Ark then?

  3. Any ghost storys from Triumph H? Wasnt she the one they reckon had all the psychic stuff going on?:meditate:
  4. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Seems only yesterday the press were running pics of the previous Ark down to the bones of her keel at Cairnryan.
  5. I recon some of you bastards on here remember the first Ark.
    Probably shaggin the animals.

  6. Mrs Giraffe was a bit of a problem.
  7. Doesn't seem that many years ago I used to fly past the old Ark whilst it was being cut up at Cairnryan.

    As for Rumrat, I reckon if he was on the first Ark he would have been evicted!!!!! Bloody misery!:pain10:
  8. Not heard anything SARKING, the yanks used to have a lot of 'spooky' stories about the Hornet. The old Leviathan, when tied up in Pompey was the subject of strange creaky sounds, but she had a twisted keel and never was used as a carrier.
  9. Triumph was in care & maintenance at Chatham 1971 . When doing machinery box etc night rounds, there was one section I always went through quick- weird atmosphere. Mentioning this one dinner time it turned out several of the other lads had experienced exactly the same. Never looked for any reason though.
  10. When Bulwark (the old one) was put into mothballs, doing hourly rounds (on your tod) during the silent hours was creepy. 50% lighting throughout and you had to go down the boiler rooms and shaft passages to sign a book to show you'd been there. Didn't help that the dit going round was that a stoker had topped himself in one of the shaft passages and it was haunted, imagination goes into overdrive ,Rummers would have been alright :)
  11. All the decommissioned ships in the dockyard have zero lighting, and every single one has an eerie feeling when walking around doing rounds!!
  12. Wrecker what you doing mentioning shafts and passages to Rummers he will get the wrong Idea and get all excited, you also through a stoker in the mix as well, poor lighting, dark and smelly he will be right at home, he will fear no one as he will be the meanest bast**d down there.

    Anther target to the scrapyard
  13. Did a refit with the rusty B, did fire watching duty, meant wandering round the thing during the night, no one onboard except the rest of the watch who were all tucked in a rack somewhere, no likey.
  14. When was that Sharkey?
  15. 69, that's not a question
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Always good to see top-line accurate and informative reporting in the Sun.

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  17. Before my time. I joined her in 74.
  18. Enjoyed my time on her, some good runs, worked in different depts, comms, ventilation,navigation, when you were duty EM iit was fix whatever was broken from the boiler room to the nav lights, good grounding in your job, when was she mothballed

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