ARK Docks at Pompey

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Dec 3, 2010.

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  1. :(

    I can see it from my office window. It's the last of the ships my old man served on as well. A crying shame.
  2. The Navy news photo in a way reminded me of the painting the Fighting Temeraire, being towed for breaking up .[​IMG]

  3. Agree.... very atmospheric.....and quite fitting.
  4. Very sad indeed. I remember this....I was only 7! 2 Arks scrapped in my lifetime :(

  5. Two scrapped, one sunk, in mine. :oops:

  6. Camoron's speech to the Lord Mayor's Banquet:

    Quote: Britain will remain a "major player in the world" despite the rise of new economic powers, David Cameron has said in a set-piece foreign policy speech.

    The UK remained a "great economic power" and there was no reason its military power would diminish, he said.

    No shit Dave, you should be on the stage with the rest of the comedians!
  7. Oh my, that is truly upsetting and beautiful.
  8. Agreed...very moving..and so sad
  9. Who could ever have imagined that some old Through-deck Cruiser could cause so much sentiment..... 8O
  10. :wink: Maybe this one then!!
  11. QED - Because that was a REAL Carrier......once. :wink:

    Digressing/regressing - Nice to see the Hard, Vernon, Power station etc etc as they were once upon a time......
  12. A great ship, I was onboard , 'Y unit' 1971-73. Mostly throttle jockey, some 40,000 SHP to play with.
  13. After CVA 01 being dropped by Healy in the 60's through-decks were the navy's cheaky answer, they tried to paint an orange banana. It took another two decades but it worked.
  14. I was in love with a Buccaneer when i was a kid, their like the fat bird that wont give up on the notion of flying.
  15. Somebody mention Buccs
  16. Errol Flynn, Douglas Fairbanks?? :)
  17. Flynn ofc

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