Ark and Ocean

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by scouse, Apr 20, 2010.

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  1. Any Sitrep please :wink: As for Ark and Ocean, a decision on where they will be sent is due later today???????
  2. From your article richie...

    Words fail me at some people in this world. . .
  3. Of course, people coming back from their 2 week holiday in the Sun is far more important than troops coming back from 6 months in Afghanistan, how could we have been so silly.
  4. A boat? Did we send a submarine in?

    Stupid bin rat
  5. I think I speak for us all when I say I'd throw the head in on 'diana, Geneva', and if somebody could tell her that the troops had just come back from, y'know, war, that'd be nice.

  6. Its hard life for some, what a stupid woman. :evil:

    I hope she's stuck for another few days and pushed over board on her cruise home. :evil:
  7. Here here man ;)
  8. What the flying one is a douchetard?
  9. Douchetard - Im assuming its two insulting words phased into one.

    The first being Douchebag, a word im very fond of using. ;)
    And the second being Retard!

    Standing by to corrected Danny!!
  10. I see. Sorry, I didn't understand the original at all.

    I don't speak American.
  11. :lol:
  12. Soldiers? On a warship? Surely not. What an utter twat.
  13. It does just go to show what a bunch of ill informed twats we live amongst! :roll:
  14. Two weeks sunning yourself on a beach in Spain/Portugal/wherever - 6 months in Afghanistan in conditions that make the word "basic" inappropiate, with the added danger of being shot or blown up ? and who should have the priority ? Comments like this make you wonder why any of us do/used to bother. Fcuk me, any faith I had in mankind has just took a severe dent.
  15. You were, by the way, spot on Trigger. I find it rolls off the tongue nicely, and leaves people kinda wondering what the hell you just called them.
  16. Aye, Personally I would put far greater importance to getting our troops home than to bringing some impatient tourist home because their stuck somewhere sunny for longer than planned..........idea.......pick up the whiners and ship em to afghan.
  17. Pardon me if I appear top be somewhat confused / angry..... If peeps decide to go on holiday, good for them, if then an "Act of God" decides to raise its head by appearing ie a Volcanic Eruption, then please correct me if I am wrong, it is not up to the british government to get said holidaymakers back to the UK. call me old fashioned, but if they took out adequate holiday insurance (not from happy shopper outlets) then i think i am right in saying that ABTA are bound by law to get them back to the UK (however long it may take. Dont give the RN shit by saying that " we were told we would be on a ship returning to UK). personally i think that returning troops home after a deployment in Afghanistan is a damn sight more important than a bunch of feckin whinging holidaymakers moaning that they are desperate to return home after sunning themselves on a beach somewhere (probably because they have now missed the opportunity to claim the benefits they are scrounging off honest taxpayers like ourselves).

    I will probably be slated for this comment..... but Fcuk 'Em let them find there own ways home........
  18. They need to redirect all the crying babies out to afghanistan.
  19. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

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