Argyles Ollie quits

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. So yet another manager turns out to be nothing but a fuckin liar. With all his gobbing off about loyalty he turns out to be nothing more that a bucket of shit himself.

    There's no such thing as a loyal manager, they are all twats.

    Breaking news
  2. Blimey!

    When I saw this thread I thought it was something of earth shatteriing import...... :whew:
  3. As a Bristol City supporter I wholeheartedly agree that Ian Holloway (Ex Bristol Rovers) is clearly a bucket of faeces in this instance...but then what do yuo expect from an ex Rovers Gashead...UP THE REDS!!
  4. Is that the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders?
  5. What did you expect?
    He will most probably be on more money at what is arguably a bigger club.

    Everyone, whether its a footballer OR staff, talk about the club they are currently at as the best thing, about how happy they are and about loyalty. The only loyalty is to money :)
  6. Loyalty and football in the same sentence do not compute: after all the shite he's been spouting about how he loves the club, the town and the people - just hope somebody gets him with a stale Ivor Dewdney before he hits the trail north - treacherous piece of garbage, (And I'm a Liverpool supporter !)
  7. For us Footie is a game (im a green army boy btw), but for Hollowhead its his livelihood, his pension, his kids futures, so I dont begrudge him buggering off to double his salary. As we know Footie is a fickle business, this year's star, next year's dunce.
    But what grips my shit is the crap about how he loves plymouth. For fucks sake we aren't stupid, just be honest.
    Just say, 'look guys its my job, ill give it a 100% while im here, but if someone offers me more, ill go'. Thats how it goes in any other business. The PAFC board arent willing to pay for quality, so they are going to lose it.
  8. Someone posted on the Plymouth forum that they shouldn't accept his resignation but make him see out his contract and demote him to groundsman.

    They also said (and I agree with) that they should ask for compensation in the millions and not make it easy for him.
  9. And why not ? Let's make an example of him and show how football has changed from the working man's game into a money making business that has basically SHAT on all loyal football supporters for the last 10 years and will never go back to the days of loyalty and decency, because it's all about money. I should imagine that Bill Shankly and BoB Paisley are sitting in heaven, casting a very jaundiced eye on football today.
  10. Rumours are that the Legend that is Paul Sturrock will be offered the job again.

    Luggy, Luggy, Luggy!!!
  11. One pace forward, two back. Good manager in his time here, but would he be welcome back ? Don't think so, he left Argyle to go to the Premiership, it all went tits up, and he got the sack - could we trust him not to do the same? No way - only 2 candidates out there worthy of consideration - Mourinho, sorry, one - McLaren's not good enough for us.
  12. Who could blame Luggy going to the EPL?

    And when he got there, he was shafted by Southampton, and yes I think he would be welcomed back, certainly all the Argyle fans I speak to think so.

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