Argyle need Rum Rations Help!

For anyone who has ever served in the Guz and may have a soft spot for the local football club Plymouth Argyle, they need every bit of help they can get right now, a petition has been put together by an Argyle fan living in Japan who will personally present the signed petition to the clubs' majority shareholder,Japanese businessman whose financial promises have resulted in zero and who could help Argyle survive, he needs as many signatures as possible, any help is appreciated, I know football isn't everyone's cup of tea but these are sad times when a well established but smaller club can be allowed to go down the pan because of a few hundred thousand, when Premiership clubs are complaining about $10M transfer fees being a disgusting offer for one of their players - Que Ian Holloway!):

Kagami-san - Don't abandon Argyle! Petition

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