Argies are Sabre ratling once more.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by alacrity174, Apr 29, 2009.

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  1. It seems the Argentines know when Britain is going down the crapper. Evidently they unlike the current UK Government have spent the last 10 years compiling a dossier about why they should be able to lay claim to over 600,000 square miles of seabed around the Falklands and the dependencies.

    I don't know about you but I feel secure knowing that good Ole Gordon is at the helm and has said he will never discuss sovereignty.

    With the reduced troop, crab and RN presence in the South Atlantic, I only hope we don’t get dragged into another confrontation down there.
  2. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Think you'll find they have neither the political will, nor the public support for another invasion. The Argies are great at banging the drum, but their economy and military strength wouldn't be up for that venture. I have spoken with many Argentines and they concede that although they still uphold a soverign claim (and historically, they are fully entitled to thereby with mineral rights) they have no stomach for war. Their navy is pretty much defunct and would be torn to shreds by our subs. Without seabourne support, any venture would be doomed.

    True, their prodding is noteworthy and our lack of military strength is of serious concern, but I couldn't see them trying it on again. A defeat (and it would end that way) would finish their country for good.

  3. They need to get themselves a sabre to rattle first! :lol:
  4. Surely the Frogs have some soveriegnty rights over the Malvinas as I believe that name for the Falklands came from the original settlers who were from St. Malo.
    Let the Argies take on theFrogs (Exocets and all), and we"ll come down and mop up the leftovers!!
  5. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Antoine de Bougainville. Them, the Yanks, us and the Dutch (Sebalde de Weert) all have claims of some sort. The fact that the Yanks kicked the early Argentine settlers off and we snuck in the back door in 1833 is the basis of the dispute. We ceded the islands away in the Nootka Sound Convention in 1776.

  6. Would be very interesting if it did happen to see how we'd cope.
  7. Actually the seabad issue means that Britian is entitled to take it before the UN and claim rights over the whole of Latin and North America. The Septics don't realise it yet, but their Head of State is actually a Queen! :lol:
  8. In another post on this site some fcuker said theirhead of state was a "Queen" :D :D
  9. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    With the long-standing draw-down of UK Armed Forces, I think the phrase about pts and kettles should be brought to mind!
  10. What's wrong with the fcukers, can't they take a hint....?
  11. They know with this government who couldn't organize a piss up in a brewery that it is entirely possible to bamboozal Brooooon into giving the place away.
  12. I have to say that the whole emphasis of the TAURAUS 09 deployment has been a waste of time.

    Why send the group East of Suez when it would have far more useful to send it South as a timely reminder that we can and would f**k the Argies up if they tried anything on.
  13. We had a bay down south not that long ago doing a bit of amphib "training".

    Maybe there is someone out east that needs a reminder of our projection abilities? Plus the ability to go all the way out there is just as useful as going down south.
  14. They do not need any weaponry, they just need to fly in and take it

    We could not respond like we did in 82 we have neither the men, or the equipment

    It would be impossible for the UK to respond now and the Bennies would be better off having rid of the UK

    Jack McH
  15. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Jock. Show me where they have the capability to fly in 10k troops - trained, combat reay troops - into MPA and I will tip my hat to your assumptions. They haven't the kit, the money nor the political will. 1982 was a last ditch gamble by a Junta desperate to woo the population back from their hatred. It was a stupid gamble because as everyone knows, once you point perce and booty at someone not British and say 'kill', they kill. They are trained to do that. The Argies have nothing of worth that would sustain an invasion force, resupply them or defend them. The Argentine people know that. Try not to let your jingoistic tub thumping get in the way of reality, eh? You're beginning to sound like the Argies.

  16. The only reason we had a "Bay" down there was because there was no FF/DD because Piracy is the new afront to the world.

    Strangely for a Navy that was supposed to be operating East of Suez and didn't need Aircraft Carriers, we seem to be Operating East of Suez and awful lot.

    Anyway my point is that the TAURARSE 09 deployment could have a greater effect in South America. We need CHILE to remain our friends and Brazil who once were very accomodating have turned Cold since the new Argentine President has taken over.
  17. Levers

    The question is would they have to fully invade as per 82 or do they just need to land and overcome current garrison?

    In the world we find ourselves in today, with other members of the UN having a lot of pull; it is a distinct posibility thay this may be enough to set the whole UN doondoggle off and start some land sharing/co-government rubbish.

    The Argentines have never given up on their claim for these British Islands, we all know they only want them for the mineral deposits that undoubtably lay somewhere underneath, but a small invasion and UN help could well see us in a bad position vis a vis keeping them British.
  18. 30 Bootnecks showed them the error of their ways in 82 before having to endex, I would imagine that the Garrison down their at present would be able to do just a little more damage.

    To quote Capt Ian Gardiner (OC X Coy 45 Cdo 82) "If 45 had been defending Two sisters we would all have died of old age before we were over run...) or words to that effect.
  19. The Argies never let their own population forget that the Falklands are Argentinian; lots of roadside signs all over the country and all Los Malvinas War Memorials in prominent places with the same propaganda.

    Don't see this in UK.


  20. They walked in the last time and took the garrison no problem, then hung around and waited until the task force arrived and were gubbed

    THIS TIME THERE WILL BE NO TASK FORCE we do not have one or the troops and equipment even if we did comandeer merchant shipping

    Jack McH

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