Argentine Trackers 1982

Discussion in 'History' started by Trap-One, Apr 23, 2009.

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  1. The actual shoot downs during 1982 are well recorded as are some of the atempted intercepts of the C130's, Canberra's and Learjets. But can anyone help with the question of, how many times did the Taskforce atempt to intercept the Trackers/Neptunes that were atempting to find them?
  2. Cannot help with the intercepts, question. The book " Sink the Belgrano" tells of one such attack on Hms Conqueror, where they believed they were being attacked by a Tracker or Neptune. Which they beleived had launched a Tigerfish at them!!!! and thank goodness failed
  3. The book does not say "Tigerfish" at all in this instance. The book says ".....dropped an anti-submarine torpedo." Later it states " The Argentine Neptune aircraft carried modern German-made sonar-guided torpedoes." - page 266 refers. Never let the truth spoil a good dit as they say - not sure an MPA is capable of carrying a heavyweight torpedo anyway. The description of this incident in the book is pretty accurate, including the possible confusion about the "fast moving sonar contact".
  4. Tigerfish is I believe a heavy weight submarine launched weapon.

    Airborne ASW assets tend to carry medium or lightweight weapons. Payload and all that!!!!

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