Argentine Navy to build Nuc Boats

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 5dits, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. Hopefully it will bankrupt the Argentinian defence budget...
  2. they could always ask BAE to build them! they have a good record for on time/budget.
  3. Seem to remember we did the same with a couple of Type 42's .. flogged them the ships then didn't let them have the spare parts!
  4. Nicolas Sarkozy is the most dangerous part of this story. I'm sure the US will tell hime to back off and lets face it Argentina does not have the cash even with Brasil helping to do the job.
  5. Argentina was just paid a shitload of money to supply a reactor to Australia. A few more such contracts could see their money situation looking brighter. Interestingly, what are the French getting out of this? Back in the 80s they offered to supply Australia with nuclear SMs in return for weapons grade uranium. Needless to say, it did not come off, but have they done a similar deal here?
  6. I thougth their entire economy was bankrupt.

    On a different note, time to polish our ASW skills? Get a chance to use those hi-tech toys for real, exersizes are so boring. :threaten:
  7. Contributor Mode

    I cannot see that we are going to have many ASW platforms to use for real. If it takes the Argies 10 years to put four boats into the water let us say they will be ready to play in 2020. Assuming they will choose to play in the South Atlantic we will have no sustainable air cover. At best we will have 3 Astute SSN's(maybe only 2) and 8 Duke Class FF's(20 to 30 years old) to take them on. If the Argies harbour their resources we will face 3 SSN's plus 2 (25 year old) SSk's and what ever surface units they still have operational or build.

    I think we will either not play or finish with a bloody nose.
  8. The Brazilians have been talking about this for years, and haven't got that far yet. It is of course not the cheapest club to join and quite a few who have considered it in the past hhave given up or postponed their application. Equally they need an outside helper whilst they may be able to do the propulsion plant I suspect they cannot afford to design and build the electronic sensor systems as well, and I suspect France will have a new president by the time they need that stuff.

    The cynic might suggest that for the key particpants it is good be cause they can announce a high profile klan safe in the knowledge that when it is cancelled or collapses they will all be safely retired with their Swiss bank account pensions.
  9. Nutty don't be so pessimistic, goíng on what you say that gives us 10 years to think of something.
  10. Crabman

    The last surface, fighting unit, FF or above was commissioned in May 2000. Other that the 8/6/4 in build or proposed Darings, a crock of shite, we have already had 18 years since the 1st Duke class, to be planning. If there are no suggestions by now nothing is going to be in the water by 2018.

    I do think like Maxi the South American's will not have an operation SSN in the water by 2020.
  11. After all look how long the As have taken and we were supposed to know what we were doing, though I suspect they will never be built, and perhaps we have more chance of getting two carriers than they have of getting their nookie poos.
  12. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    1. Typical Frog piece of under-the-counter undermining of their NATO ally the UK.

    2. Usually Arg & Brasil tool up aganst each other so I suppose the Args are now pointing at us and Chile.

    3. Ask Simon Jenkins for a comment!
  13. ! Not really I suspect the Frogs have a similar view to mine that the likelyhood of this coming to a successful conclusion in the near future is unlikely, in the meantime take their money, it spends as well as any one elses

    Are they really going to stay chums for the next 20 years?
  14. The Falklands seem the perfect place to dump all our highly radioactive waste and cattle with mad cow disease, FMD, scrapie, etc. Actually the latter could be very sensible... if the Argies invade it could spead contaminated material to the mainland and destroy their economically sucessful beef industry! :twisted:
  15. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Thingy: Who says we haven't already..?! :twisted:
  16. its an interesting topic, would there be any advantage of the Argies having nucluear boats as oppossed to diesels, or is it a political sabre rattle to Chile and the UK now we have extended our seabed exploratory rights 10,000 square miles from the FIs , and still trying to find that elusive oil which was muted in 82
  17. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Next qn: will Frogs, Args and Brazilians all have the same complexion of Govt by the time these boats are ready? Simon Bolivar put it in a nutshell for S American republics and their stability of Govt: 'Who rules America ploughs the sea'.
  18. Should the Argies actually get these boats into the water the next question is, how long will take them to learn to use them to their full extent? Also how good is their submarine service anyway? Having the toys is one thing, being able to play with them is something else.
  19. based on past performance crab man the answer is not a very good one, during 82 the santa fe was cripppled in South Georgia and the San luis did fire several topedos which all missed there targets so we should be confident about and potential threat


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