Argentina, Oil and the Falklands

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by thingy, Jul 9, 2008.

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  1. President Kirchner is a bit of a milf. I therefore volunteer to lead a diplomatic mission to Buenos Aires to close her down zulu alpha if she makes any more fuss about the Falklands.

    On a more serious note, APT(S) looks like it might (ought to?) be getting a bit busier?
  2. I met her husband in Rio Gallegos just before he became El Presidente. We nicknamed him The Bookie because he was so cross-eyed :thumright:

    There will be a brand-new jack-up rig commence drilling near the eastern entrance of the Magellan Straits commencing in October and Total already has two fields [Carina & Aries] in production at Rio Cullen near Bahia San Sebastien- but the real area to watch is the Malvinas Basin. There has been some exploratory drilling done but everyone is tight-lipped about the results.

    Nice stretch of road near Rio Cullen. Very unusual; dead straight for over a mile and has a perfect surface and is twice the width of a normal road. There must have been some high speed driving going on on it because there were some big tire marks on it. :bball:

  3. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    There are quite a few exploration platforms situated on the way out of the Magellan Straits eastwards towards the Falklands. Got to be honest though, whoever gets dibs on the fields, will have to strike a deal with everyone else. Think about it. I'm sure every blue-blooded, flag-waving British patriot would be chuffed to feck to see Argentine-flagged supertankers shipping oil out of our Continental Shelf. Were a conflict to kick off, our support from the UN would amount to a hill of beans and we'd be forced to concede, not only because we'd be militarily understrength, but because the consensus would be massively against the colonial entity. As discussed before on here, historically we don't really have a leg to stand on, despite the 'we kicked your arse' posturing. We kicked their arse in that instance because they invaded the Islands far too early - had they waited for the Tory government's defence cuts to have their effect, we would have been as impotent as we are possibly going to be come 2010.

    Speaking with many Argentines recently, they see Kirchner and her spouse as tub-thumping buffoons, apt to roll out issues like this when their striking, bankrupt country become too rowdy for their liking. Many Argentines are waiting for the day both nations will sit down peacefully and speak about less-agressive ways to sort out this problem. The 'Invade now!' and the 'No surrender!' lobby don't help much.

  4. Poor old Argies - saddled with Mr. & Mrs. Kirschner when the British have the lithe, super intelligent, dynamic, state-of-the-art, world-class leadership of Golden Broone. And Mr. Broone is in no danger of EVER becoming cross-eyed :bball:

  5. Tsk Next your be saying that the Argies hid Exocets in sheds next to said stretches of road and there are unexplained fuel depots nearby!! :thumright:
  6. Etendards on the road. 2 Exocets and a fuel bowser in the barns at the Estancia :thumright:

  7. read patrick robinsons "Ghost Force" similar cirumstances, the russians want the oil so help the argies re-invade and re capture and becuase of the defence cuts Britian cant launch a capable task ja vu
  8. Are we absolutely sure that this isn't the latest cunning plan from the New Labour department of spin. You can almost hear the discussions, well it worked wonderfully for Margaret in 82, went from a basket case government to a landslide re-election. Bloody great idea - get those Argies to invade and in a moment of glory we'll re-capture them thus winning a lasting place in the hearts of a grateful nation. But Prime Minister what about the reduced size of our Armed Forces and existing commitments. We remain committed to giving our Commanders on the ground whatever they need to discharge their mission, if they screw it up after that then we can't be blamed can we, anyway it will stop everyone talking about the Glasgow East by-election.

  9. I think we'd be hard put to lasunch a fekking paper plane!!!!!
  10. Now is the time for the Argies to re-invade, in the safe knowledge that Britain's forces are incapable of mounting a defence. :roll:
  11. It was scrap iron the last time, shhh or the Chinese will be sniffing around for anything (Don't mention the Lichen it tastes luvverly spread on a Biscuit AB) and then the Bennies will be truly ferked!
  12. How much over a mile? Ground attack aircraft "tooled up" will need that much and another mile as well. However to land and merely tank up, they can do with less. Transport aircraft will however be quite happy with a mile+. Even if they are full with para troopers etc.
  13. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    If you check the place on Google Earth, you'll see there's an airfield nearby, it's main runway pointing directly out to sea at the Falklands.

  14. The direction of the main runway is determined by the prevailing wind direction (geographical cirumstances permitting). That this runway is pointing at the Falklands is coincidence and does little or nothing to make an attack on the islands easier.
  15. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Feller ... I was being ironic.

  16. I obviously lost something in the translation.
  17. On a related note, tho, even if Argentina doesn't represent a credible threat to the Falklands at the moment- and I'm inclined to agree that they don't for now- surely this serves as a reminder that the UK has substantial strategic and economic interests in that part of the world.

    The one constant in international affairs in the past few hundred years has been that diplomacy and trust only carry you so far. Sooner or later you have to make a solid commitment to hold your own.

    Given what might be at stake (loadsa oil) and it's potential economic importance, surely it'd be criminal not to increase the priority given to APT(S)?

    Or am I preaching to the converted? ;-)
  18. I think we ought to seriously consider the option of stationing a company of 645 pollies on the Islands (and retired pollies on Grytviken) to protect them in the event of another April raid. They should be under strict orders (on pain of losing the Parliamentary pensions) to remain in their barracks come what may. When the Argies re-invade they will make straight for the barracks (as they did to the Royals' Barracks in 1982) and martyr everyone in them. The virgins will be happy. The pollies will be happy. The British electorate will be happy, meanwhile the Royals can get on with their task of liberating Buenos Aries' extensive underground network of beer cellars.
  19. The Stills are really nice people and it would be most unfair to inflict the contents of the Commons on them. Or is that a ploy to suggest they'd be better off becoming Argentinean?

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