Argentina in Falkland sailing permit move

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by off_les_aura, Feb 16, 2010.

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  1. Uh oh lol
  2. Yep, just saw that on Beeb news and was going to start a post. It is all about them not wanting oil exploration inside the Falklands territorial waters....

    Umm, so what are we going to do about it this time if it all kicks off? No boats, no ships, no aircraft.....Oh dear, how sad. Such a waste of all that went on and was lost in 82.
  3. Argentina's considerably more screwed than we are as far as I'm aware.

    Don't think it's much to worry about.
  4. The Foreign Office brushed off the Argentine move, saying the decree would not affect shipping through the area.

    This is were the fun and games start more thank likely a war of words.

  5. My bold.
    I live in Spain - you forget about the 'Latino' mentality. There are a LOT of Argentinians around here and they are still posturing about their M****as, aka Falklands. Could give Jockstrap something to think about.
  6. I don't think they will, however should the worst happen we will do our part once more with what ever fleet we have
  7. well might make the next pm think twice about how much they want to cut the navy down by and just how important it is.
  8. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    As I said on ARRSE

    Having recently returned from said Islands, I would suggest the phrase "don't panic" comes to mind. Argentina can pout all it wants, but it has the ability to do sweet FA when it comes to landing on the islands. Its navy is tiny, broke and rarely goes to sea. As a nation, the kit they have now is barely upgraded from what they had in the 1980s. They do not have the ability to invade, let alone sustain any invasion force.

    The amount of traffic in the region going between Argentina and the FI is negligible (almost none) - this is a classic Argentinean action - big themselves up, then do nothing about it.
  9. Sitting in Stanley and assessing Buenos Aries. Bit like looking at the world through a straw IMO.

    Wherever I went in Argentina the people have a very unified opinion about the Falkland Islands. They consider them to be Argentine soil and that one day they will own them. Even on roads in the middle of bum-fcuk-nowhere there are these signs:-


    Their war-memorials for the Falkland war are well kept and the memorial services are well-attended.


    Down in Patagonia and around Rio Gallegos [which is Kirchener's home-town and power base] the feelings are particularly strong. I was amazed one day when a very well-dressed woman spent 20 minutes explaining to me how the Brits would never have re-taken the islands without American help and she was particularly incensed that Britain had robbed AIM-9M's from NATO stocks. The fact that she even knew what an AIM-9M was impressed me.

    In short the average Argentine is well clewed-up on what is going on there and the country is pretty single-minded on this point. Ask the average Brit and their eyes glaze over.

    It doesn't matter much about the Argentine navy - they were never a problem. The RN fought the Argentine Air Force not their navy. It's the air-force that needs watching and with sixty billion barrels of oil at $84 per it wouldn't take much to kick that off again. Do the math.

    It will only take a few 'civilians' landing on S. Georgia again, or a protest ship manned by Argentines sailing around a MODU [$1m per day spread rate] and stopping drilling ops to force an overstretched British gubbermint to reach an 'accommodation' with the Argentines.

    A 500 mile v 12000 mile supply line tells it all - logistics is the king of the battlefield and the RN isn't the force it was in the 1980's.

  10. The Argentinian claim to the Falklands is a joke. We have far better 'historical' claims (which are a joke anyway when compared to the self-determination of the islanders and cultural/language similarities) to Minorca, Calais, Hong Kong, Malta in fact pretty much the entire Empire as we ruled/occupied most of it for longer than the Argentinians ever had control/settlements on the Falklands (1816-1833). Its a classic case of chip on the shoulder politics as if annexing a small group of islands would sort out their god awful socialist ballsup of a government and economy and the fact that Brazil have overtaken them as the South American bigger boy and by all accounts Chile (who we're fairly chummy with) are set to economically overtake them in the near future. Frankly if they could be good enough to wait two and bit years for me to (hopefully) get in and do my training I'll be more than happy to help send the bastards on their way should they try and subject British citizens to occupation.
  11. 'Strewth Carruthers that's torn it. Those blasted Dago Bean Eaters will accelerate their agenda now that they know there is only a two and a bit year window for them to act with impunity.

    And as for that god awful socialist ballsup of a government and economy, they will will be out of power shortly....'ere hang on I've just re-read your post and it wasn't NuLiebour that you were referring to....oooeeerr!!

    PS The reason that the Brazilian economy is doing rather well has a lot to do with the Roncador Basin :thumbleft:
  12. Yes the Brazilians have far more natural resources (the Argentinians might have done better invading them in 1982) however nationalising 10 million saving accounts as Kirchener has doesn't exactly inspire economic confidence and as much as I hate Brown and Co they've not tried anything as mental as that, yet.
  13. Only because a lot of people who previously had savings accounts have had to dip deep into them to make ends meet while Broon & Co castrated the UK economy - Critically Discuss in no more than 4000 words. Points will be deducted for submissions in excess of this number :wink:
  14. Not to worry Brown's got more than enough of an ecomic legacy to leave. Having destroyed private sector pensions (which in turn is putting even more pressure upon the public sector as old people need food to live don't you know) he's cunning plan to solve the economy blackhole he's lead us into, is to raise tax on the rich to 50% which will no doubt be a roaring success. After all its not as if the rich will do exactly what they did in the 1970's under Callaghan and either move to a tax haven or hire accountants to carry out tax avoidance. And why bother trying to fix up and sell off the government shares in the banks for a profit when you can ride the public outrage bus and sabotage them with reactionary fines/taxes in order to scrape a few more votes,its not like you go into politics to try and better your country possibly at your own expense is it. Here endeth the rant.
  15. A succession of British gubbermints pissed away the revenue from 40 billion barrels of North Sea oil. A once in a generation bonanza that should have placed UK Plc in the fore-front of industrialised nations and given us the best civil infrastructure in the world was wasted.

    I would hate to give these cretins a second chance with South Atlantic oil.
  16. Have to quote FDR again, 'he's a son of a bitch but he's our son of a bitch'. Rather our scumbag government spunk it against the wall than an Argentinian one.
  17. The spicks have no chance.

    This may be the only chance the RAF get to try out the four shiny Eurofighters that are stationed at MPA.

    I'm sure the Eurofighters would make mincemeat of a load of old Skyhawks and Mirages assuming of course that the RAF could be bothered to fly them in combat. I suppose if it's raining at the time we are fcuked.

    On a separate note, anyone seen the Argie 42 that is still in service?

    They've whacked a massive flight deck and hangar on it to accommodate 2 choppers.

    Surprised we didn't do this years ago, seems like a good idea.
  18. Gen Richards will be along shortly to explain his plan to solve the problem.
  19. It appears that Afghanistan is the secret to preventing another Falklands conflict, only massive singleminded investment in that theatre will prevent the Argies from trying their luck. It is all very obvious really :roll: :evil:

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