Argentina demands talks reopened on Falklands sovereignty

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Always_a_Civvy, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. Well if we let ourselves get pushed around, what can we expect?

  2. Yo singing off the same hymn sheet there "phil" , :eek:
  3. Seems a bout right - they are sensing blood, again! as Phil sez above we're proving to be an easy target at the moment so divide and conquor eh!
  4. Right time to kick up a fuss. British forces stretched beyond capacity and our navy a shadow of its former self.
  5. The argies know we are over stretched in Iraq and Afgahnistan. Our Navy is not big enough to cope with mounting an operation to send troops back to retake the Falklands,plus we have no credible naval air defence against their nice new French mirage's and the RAF kindly built a maasive new runway which can take any aircraft. Once invaded the Falklands would never be retaken.
  6. Re: Argentina demands talks reopened on Falklands sovereignt

    Well if they need the oil to power their central heating, why dont we offer to help, couple of'bombers' off the coast and then a couple of missiles in strategic places will soon 'warm them up'
  7. Re: Argentina demands talks reopened on Falklands sovereignt

    It would only take 1 warhead to give them the message

    os sink a couple of their ships :twisted:
  8. Dusting off motheaten DPM windproof and green lid, still got 2 SLR mags(Empty) will give em back to pusser for air fare to UK.
    Feel like a nice bimble to Stanley anyone :grin: .
  9. If we were a bit more careful with the helos this time the bimble might be unnecessary.
  10. Re: Argentina demands talks reopened on Falklands sovereignt

    They want to negotiate? Fine, we'll send them a T Boat to 'negotiate'…

    TLAM's = a short but exciting war for the Argie airfields :wink:
  11. That would be nice, my feet still ache :lol:
  12. Re: Argentina demands talks reopened on Falklands sovereignt

    You go first NZ your closer than we are :grin:
  13. Re: Argentina demands talks reopened on Falklands sovereignt

    1 warhead makes a point
    2 Wipes them off the face of the planet - thus no more negotiations.
  14. Re: Argentina demands talks reopened on Falklands sovereignt

    There's probably enough expertise in oceanic oil exploration in UK and amongst its allies not to worry that the Argentine does not want a share in the exploration and profits.

    As soon as the Falklanders express a wish to become Argentinian, they should be allowed to do it, but I don't think that'll be anytime soon.
  15. Here we go again!!!! Does humanity never learn?The Argentines got beaten last time and will do again.I think we might just be able to scrape a Task force together,if we pull out of Iraq,Afganistan ......oh and if it would help Irn Brown get reelected
  16. Mophead sorry but I think you are talking without thinking. We were a far more powerful force in 1982 and probably better equipped.
    Its high time for the UK and its population to forget about the worlds policeman and to start looking after our own shores.
    If the Falkland Islanders wish to be governed by Argentina fine, if not then they will be governed from the UK. Nothing is going to change this and I don't believe that the Argentinians will go to war again over the Falklands.
    Far from a war to help Brown get re-elected its my opinion that any more conflicts would almost certainly see the Labour party ousted at the next elections.
  17. As we used to say on Bombers;
    Fill the first missile full of sweets and chocs for the people and when they are all out on the street picking them all up then launch your second one !!
  18. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Re: Argentina demands talks reopened on Falklands sovereignt

    Jesus. Listen to yourselves, will you?

    So, on the 25th Anniversary of the beginning of the Falklands Conflict, Argentina (governed serially by a bunch of crooks who couldn't manage a good shit between them) issues a statement saying, 'no deal unless we talk about the sovereignty of the Falklands', regarding mineral wealth. Now I'd like to ask everyone here what you expect them to say? 'Sure, crack on Lofty. In a world facing a global energy crisis and with the middle east already fucked up by nefarious titheads masquerading as elected government officials, go ahead and suck out all the oil you want from our Continental Shelf. And while you're at it, drill along and drain all our assets off Patagonia, as well.' (because oil companies don't do that, do they?)

    Let's transpose that scenario to Argentina installing colonials into the Orkneys, or even the Shetlands. Let's say they wish to exploit the oilfields in the North Sea. We'd be chuffed to **** about that, wouldn't we?

    As much as they wish to be UK citizens, the kelpers will always be colonials in the eyes of the Argentines. They can be little else, and if history is unskewed and read correctly (and Argentina invokes certain agreements such as the Nootka Sound Convention) then they have as good a claim as any. Yet you guys are suggesting they are ready for war and we should park bombers off their coast. I ask you now. How many of you have ever been to Argentina? How many of you have talked to thier people? How many of you have actually seem their fleet, and their supposed 'readiness'? Or are we just being a tad Daily Mail, as usual, on these boards?

    Cue another cringeworthy line of 'For Those I Peril', and 'England Expects ...'

  19. Re: Argentina demands talks reopened on Falklands sovereignt

    On behalf of everyone who has previously commented, I would like to appologise. Compensation is available from window no 3 along with a sense of humour should you wish one

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