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Argentina claims Falklands will be under their control in 20 years time


What do you think the chances of the navy ending up back there in another conflict in the not so distant future. All what's the likelihood of mine counter measures being deployed there?


War Hero
They may not be far wrong.

I can see Gib being back in Spanish hands in 100 years.

Has to happen one day. (Sadly)


Lantern Swinger
Haven't we sent one of our destroyers down there recently?

"If you wish for peace, prepare for war" springs to mind !


War Hero
Fear not.......'rejoice, rejoice'


War Hero
Why do you think that would be? That the situation will resolve itself diplomatically or they;ll just back off?

Well it certainly won't be settled diplomatically - the two (or should I say three) sides are poles apart and there isn't even a square foot of common ground between them that I can see.

As for militarily, Argentina is militarily weak and getting weaker all the time as their kit gets older and poor maintenance takes its toll. They simply don't have the resources to do anything (or the political will if truth be known). The last thing the current Argentinian government wants is another military disaster on their hands and the FI defences are light years ahead of where they were in 1982 - it won't be a simple walk in the park to get Argentinian boots on the ground
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