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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Lingyai, Jun 2, 2007.

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  1. Here's the dilemma and any advice would be appreciated.
    I have a SAAB 93 motor sat in my garage on the Barbican in Guzz and I am seeing myself off by not renting out my garage. The thing is, I have never sold a motor, I always part exchanged in the past. I know I probably wouldn't get a great deal of money for it but it is in good nick.
    I hate to see it go but needs must.
    Question is, I only visit UK for a few weeks at a time and spread myself between mates and kin folk so what do you think is the quickest way to get rid of it?
    Preferably not abandoning it or having it nicked by chavs.
  2. whack it up on ebay after a quick look online for an approx value.
  3. You're opening yourself to all sorts of good "advice" here mate.

  4. Would you BUY a car off Ebay? If not, then don't bother putting it on Ebay.
    Ask a good friend or relative to look into selling it privately it for you, or if you just want a quick sale, take it to a dealership next time you're here and just get rid :)
  5. Mods Help???
    My post seems to have appeared in the quarterdeck and gash barge.......
  6. You might be right mate, but the motor is not new it is 1998, would a dealership buy something like that?
  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

  8. Not without looking at it they won't. The only way to make money from a car on Ebay is to break it ;)

    As for the car being 9 years old Ling, there are plenty of dealers in Guzz that would still take it mate, but as for giving you what you think its worth, well, that all depends on how quick you want to get rid of it :)
  9. Cheers Dudes,
    I never even thought of ebay, just had a butchers and got a price idea already.
    Nice one.
  10. If it's the SE model look at around £850 for a private sale..tad more if its auto or turbo, about £900 for the 175bhp turbo a little less for the 155bhp job.
    The S model around £800...
    A guestimate but think I am about right, you could well get a bit more.
    Get a relation or friend to sell it? may help the valuation.
  11. Ling
    Its a shame its not a 900 classic, as I'm getting another one in August. Try John at MGMsaab in Redruth (Sorry, I have'nt got a link on this machine, bit it'll google), he sometimes deals in the newer Saabs.
    BTW, what model is it?
  12. A 1986 8v turbo in metallic grey.
    Had one from new until a few years ago when the rust got to it.
    A real car though and a Saab before GM got their grubby mits on the marque.
  13. The quickest and easiest could be to take it to the local car auction, probably not get as much as a private sale but you get rid of it.
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Do they have car auctions in Thailand?
  15. I don't know, but the car is in Guzz and I would have thought it easier to get it to an auction there than in Thaliand.
  16. Cheers guys, it is a 1998 9-3 Auto. I have checked ebay and I think I will wait till my next UK visit and get it back on the road and MOT etc. then ring a couple of dealers and if I can't shift it in time maybe leave it with my NOK and stick it on ebay.
    Then I can rent out my garage, don't suppose anyone here has ever rented out a garage have they?
    Wonder what the going rate is per month for a garage on the barbican?

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