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Here's the dilemma and any advice would be appreciated.
I have a SAAB 93 motor sat in my garage on the Barbican in Guzz and I am seeing myself off by not renting out my garage. The thing is, I have never sold a motor, I always part exchanged in the past. I know I probably wouldn't get a great deal of money for it but it is in good nick.
I hate to see it go but needs must.
Question is, I only visit UK for a few weeks at a time and spread myself between mates and kin folk so what do you think is the quickest way to get rid of it?
Preferably not abandoning it or having it nicked by chavs.


Lantern Swinger
Have you thought about 'e' bay? Doesn't cost that much and if you have a look at similar cars on there it will give you an idea on price to charge. You could always set a reserve price.

Nav Yeo


War Hero
I'm with Navyeo, stick it on ebay, all you'll need is someone in guz to hand over the keys etc when it's sold and it wont matter where you are in the world as you can monitor the sale via your computer. I haven't sold anything on ebay but I have a mate who sells shite loads, I can find out the "ins and outs" of it if you want.
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